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It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy: We assume families don’t want to live downtown, we therefore don’t design for family, and, sure enough, families don’t come, or they don’t stay.

Brent Toderian, Vox

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April 30, 2017
Urbanism and Artificial Intelligence

The Congress for the New Urbanism is meeting in Seattle: one of the cities where software is made. How can we use the current rage – artificial intelligence – to build communities people love?

April 27, 2017
April 26, 2017
10 Best Practices for Creative Placemaking
Urban Land Institute

Creative placemaking, an innovation that involves bringing art and culture in tandem with design to the beginning of a real estate development project, is gaining momentum around the globe, from small rural communities to large urban areas.

April 25, 2017
Why Aren’t Urbanists Talking About Amazon?
Strong Towns

If you care the least bit about urban economics and the future of American cities, you’ve probably spent your fair share of time talking about the perils of big box retail. But why haven’t urbanists been taking up the elephant in the room, Amazon?

April 20, 2017
Learning From Jane Jacobs, Who Saw Today’s City Yesterday
New York Times

Although Jacobs was wrong about many things — most significantly in her refusal to imagine race as something that can shake things up in urban life — she was prescient as well, even in her later years, in books that virtually no one reads today.

April 19, 2017
April 12, 2017
Las Vegas Is Learning From Us

In a place with no rules, why is the Strip trying so hard to be just like the boring city you left behind?

April 5, 2017
Great Idea: Incremental Development

Great places are built in small increments, and urbanists are restoring America’s know-how and capacity for small-scale development by many individuals in their own communities. Do you want to be a small developer?

March 30, 2017
Podcast: Sensory Urbanism

How can we improve the way we interact with our cities? This week we explore a ‘sensory’ waterfront in Seattle, hop on a smelling tour of Austria’s capital and ask if Lisbon is tackling noise as it should.

March 26, 2017
March 14, 2017
March 9, 2017
March 8, 2017
February 27, 2017
February 26, 2017
The Rise Of Smombie Urbanism
Pop Up City

In recent articles, we’ve already reported on the fact that increasing numbers of people are glued to their smartphone screens. Whether we want it or not, this undeniable trend forces governments and designers to rethink the use and design of urban spaces.

February 22, 2017
Seattle Mayor Advocates Immigration, Urbanism
The C Is For Crank

In an uncharacteristically fiery address Tuesday morning, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray laid out an urbanist, unabashedly activist agenda that drew a straight line between President Donald Trump’s executive actions against immigrants and refugees to Seattle’s own exclusionary zoning laws.

February 20, 2017
February 16, 2017
A Great Idea: Tactical Urbanism

The latest trend in urban design and planning gets them off of the paper and out of a big room, testing ideas in the real world. It is fun and hands-on, and making many converts.

February 14, 2017
Living for the City: Jane Jacobs’s “Vital Little Plans”
L.A. Review of Books

I read most of Vital Little Plans: The Short Works of Jane Jacobs while riding the bus in Los Angeles. It was a fitting backdrop for Jacobs’s observations on the “physical-economic-ethical processes” that comprise a city.

Hong Kong Needs Quality Underground Urbanism
South China Morning Post

N. Balakrishnan says the city needs farsighted laws so the profit motive doesn’t rule future underground developments which, with imaginative handling, could be welcome urban sanctuaries for its space-starved populace.


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