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It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy: We assume families don’t want to live downtown, we therefore don’t design for family, and, sure enough, families don’t come, or they don’t stay.

Brent Toderian, Vox

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April 2, 2017
Two Decades of Smart Growth in MD
Urban, Planning, and Transport Research (abstract)

The Maryland Statewide Transportation Model is applied to test the impact of various Smart Growth policies and transportation policies. The paper concludes that Smart Growth could have a bigger impact if transportation policies played a larger role.

Public Health’s Influence on Planning Policy
Regional Studies (abstract)

Human health requires the proper development and management of places through urban planning. This paper demonstrates how concerns for human health can become explicit matters for consideration in urban planning policy systems.

March 30, 2017
March 29, 2017
City Planners Can Lead Fight Against Climate Change
Orange County Register

When people think of combating climate change they usually think big. International accords, federal mandates, state regulations – all have been big-picture tools used to reign in greenhouse gases. Now, that dynamic might be changing.

March 28, 2017
Recognizing Innovation In Urban Governance
The Hill

With innovative programs to improve city governance are emerging in cities nationwide and producing meaningful results, now is not the time to pull federal support of some of the most significant and positive interventions in urban life. It is time, in fact, to invest.

March 27, 2017
When Did We Stop Building Cities For People?
The American Conservative

Words on the Street highlights the best writing on cities we’ve encountered this week at New Urbs. Here are some articles about people-oriented cities.

Can Design Make Cities Safe For Women?

A new project shows the urban geography of harrassment and assault suffered by women at the hands of men. The scope for design to mitigate offensive male behaviour is limited.

MIT’s Carlo Ratti on People-Driven Cities

Carlo Ratti thinks the city of the future isn’t just smart, it’s “senseable.” The director of the SENSEeable City Lab at MIT and an architect and engineer by training, Ratti and his team create technological solutions that respond to citizens of cities around the world.

March 26, 2017
March 23, 2017
March 22, 2017
Geodesign Helps Communities Address Growing Pains
Directions Magazine

San Francisco is experiencing some well-publicized growing pains. For a city that’s bounded by water on three sides, the question at hand is, “What happens when we run out of room?” Geodesign addresses this and other complex questions.

Planners: Our Meetings Suck

Dear planners: I love you, but our meetings suck. That might hurt a little to hear, but the good news is I’m here to tell you why it’s not our fault (entirely), why we suck (specifically), and how we can do better.

Public Health Influencing Urban Planning Policy
Urban Policy & Research (abstract)

Human health requires the proper development and management of places through urban planning. This paper demonstrates how concerns for human health can become explicit matters for consideration in urban planning policy systems.

March 21, 2017
Q&A: The Rise of Urbanization
Multi-Housing News

The trend of these “mini cities” is increasing in popularity and Multi-Housing News sat down with Ana-Marie Codina Barlick, CEO of Codina Partners, to discuss this growing trend of urbanization, the company’s newest project Downtown Doral in Miami.

To Build Better Cities, We Must Overcome Inequality

We think of cities as having existed for millennia – but only a few are that old, and they were all extremely small. Most people in the world have only lived in a city in the current generation. Most people who have ever lived in large cities are alive today.

March 20, 2017
Is Sprawl Still The #1 Bogeyman?

Sprawl was the headline city planning issue for more than half a century, but it’s salience has faded over recent decades. Urban policy-makers need to reassess their priorities.

March 19, 2017
Young Planners At Madison Hip-Hop Architecture Camp
Madison Capital Times

Model cities, built on vinyl records, were scattered around a lobby at UW-Madison as part of the Hip-Hop Architecture Camp’s premiere festivities. The LPs nod to the organizer’s question, “What happens at the intersection of hip-hop culture and architecture?”

‘Deciding Not To Decide’: Planning’s New Challenge
European Planning Studies (abstract)

This article examines how the policy-maker’s ‘decision not to decide’ affects different levels of internal organization and how it is reflected in the residential patterns of different population groups.

Managing Australia’s Density Transition
International Planning Studies (abstract)

This paper explores the transition towards the compact city model in Australia, which has become the orthodoxy of metropolitan planning in the last two decades.

March 16, 2017
The End Of Boston’s Urban Planning As We Know It
Boston Globe

When Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh proposed a new master plan two years ago, many might have expected the effort — dubbed Imagine Boston 2030 — to alter the very look of the city. In practice, Imagine Boston 2030 is shaping up very differently.

Development-Led Planning in a Plan-Led Planning System
European Planning Studies (abstract)

Planning systems are generally divided into plan-led and development-led systems. However, it is quite common that the planning practice follows development-led planning although the planning system would structurally be plan-led.


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