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It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy: We assume families don’t want to live downtown, we therefore don’t design for family, and, sure enough, families don’t come, or they don’t stay.

Brent Toderian, Vox

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April 13, 2017
Putting The Public Back in Public Space

The design profession is growing more comfortable discussing issues like equity and social justice, but figuring out how to move from ideal to action can be difficult.

Remembering The Basics Of Good Urban Planning
Greater Greater Washington

GGWash used to run more posts about the basics of urbanism than we do today. A few years ago, we had a core group of writers that was still cutting its teeth in the planning world, and a byproduct of that was frequent content about simple things that make places better for people.

Downtown Needs Bathrooms

Everyone needs to pee. This is an observation so obvious that it shouldn’t need to be stated. Yet it seems it’s not an observation that has made its way into our urban planning.

An End To Reno-Suburb Planning Bickering?
Reno Gazette-Journal

The Washoe County Commission decided to back off proposed legislation that would have upended a painfully crafted compromise on how growth is managed in the Truckee Meadows, saying it has recently made headway in resolving its differences with the cities of Reno and Sparks.

April 12, 2017
Zoning Is Tough, Lucrative
Restless Urbanist

The issues with zoning is tough, and there are no simple answers or fixes. The current system is broken, but it is also engrained into the DNA of current city planning. It will take a significant change in how we manage cities to lift these conflict based codes.

April 11, 2017
April 10, 2017
Momentous Decision Will Limit Stockton Sprawl Until 2035
Stockton City Limits

In a stunning rebuke to 60 years of poor land use planning, the Stockton City Council ask city staff to proceed with the most aggressive sprawl-reducing Land Use Alternative as part of the General Plan Update.

How the Chinese Navigate Urban Sprawl
New York Times

Bike sharing is the latest obsession to grab the Chinese. In the past year, bike-sharing stations have popped up throughout major cities, helping fuel a resurgence of bike riding in the country’s ever-expanding metropolises.

April 9, 2017
Writer, Urban Designer Shares How Place Impacts Story

Writer and urban designer Hannah Palmer paid a visit to Arnold Hall Wednesday evening to share her experiences in understanding the link between story and place in a talk titled, “Stories in the Landscape: The Intersection of Creative Writing and Urban Design.”

UT-Austin Team Wins 2017 ULI Hines Student Competition
Urban Land Institute

A redevelopment plan for a Chicago site presented by a team from UT-Austin has taken top honors in the 2017 ULI Hines Student Competition, a competition that provides grad students the chance to devise a comprehensive design and development scheme for a large-scale urban site.

April 6, 2017
April 5, 2017
Careful Planning Needed For Megacities’ Poor

With 70 percent of the world’s population expected to live in cities by 2050, getting urban planning right is crucial to ensuring future cities are safe, resilient and fair places, particularly for the poorest residents, experts said Wednesday.

April 4, 2017
The Future of Michigan’s Most Important Road
Model D Media

Since its initial construction in 1827, Michigan Avenue has arguably been the state’s most important thoroughfare. Today, exciting changes are in the works to modernize this centuries-old road.

Stockton Council Expected To Decide Planned Growth

A diverse coalition of more than 20 community organizations recently submitted a five-page letter asking that the City Council direct staff to chart a course for Stockton that focuses on rebuilding downtown and the city’s aging core neighborhoods.

April 3, 2017
Mexico City Mayor Talks Planning, Climate Change
The Harvard Crimson

Several speakers, including mayor of Mexico City Miguel A. Mancera, addressed a packed crowd at the Graduate School of Design Friday night to discuss negative effects of urbanization and climate change on cities.

April 2, 2017
NYC’s Head Urban Planner Heading to Oakland
Streetsblog NYC

NYC DOT’s top planner and a key figure in the ongoing evolution of New York City streets is moving on. Deputy Commissioner for Transportation Planning and Management Ryan Russo will be heading to Oakland as the city’s first-ever DOT chief.


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