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In Mexico we occupy streets in a very particular manner—it may seem chaotic, but it is actually very complex and organized.

Frida Escobedo, Architectural Digest

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February 15, 2017
NYC’s Story of the Squats
Urban Omnibus

The story of the squats of the Lower East Side — heroic acts of reoccupying abandoned buildings and violent clashes with the police — are now the stuff of myth and history.

February 14, 2017
L.A.’s 100 Coolest Buildings
Boing Boing

From Spanish-style adobe to Art Deco to Googie to Midcentury Modern to new experimental forms, L.A. is one of the most eclectic cities for architecture. Los Angeles Magazine curated this great list of 100 architectural gems worthy of a visit.

February 13, 2017
Design Startup Reshaping Local Government
Fast Company Design

Public, a new nonprofit, wants to bring the tenets of good design to local governments. By approaching government bureaucracy as a design problem, agencies can better learn what their constituents want, and then design successful programs based on those insights.

How to Design Cities for Children
Metropolis Magazine

On March 16, 2016 Szenasy talked to Ross Barney Architects and representatives from the University of Chicago-Drexel Child Development Center about designing for children and how that can be applied to other projects.

Good Design Is Sustainable
The Dirt

While a certain level of ecological sustainability may be achieved by adhering to a checklist of environmental best practices, long-term sustainability is achieved by engaging broader cultural, economic, and socio-economic goals.

February 12, 2017
Can We Design Forgiving Streets?
Denver Urbanism

If we start with the assumption that people will, inevitably, make mistakes, can we design a “forgiving” transportation system that prevents those mistakes from resulting in tragedy?

February 9, 2017
Netflix Bets On a New Design Series, Starchitect
Los Angeles Times

“I never dream about my buildings,” Bjarke Ingels says in one episode of “Abstract: The Art of Design,” an eight-part documentary series from Netflix premiering Friday.

How Future Cities Should Be Designed
The Week

While big, densely populated cities like New York or Shanghai seem like energy-guzzlers, keeping millions of people in close quarters has advantages.

February 8, 2017
February 7, 2017
What Happened To Newcastle’s Dream for a Vertical City?
The Guardian

In the 60s planners reimagined Newcastle as a 3D multi-level city, but what remains is now being closed off or demolished. Guided by architecture professor Stephen Graham, Karl Whitney explores this disappearing city.

Orlando’s I-Drive Vision Plan Gets Final Approval
Orlando Sentinel

International Drive has a cohesive development plan, more than two years after district business leaders and county officials first started meeting to discuss the tourism corridor’s future.

February 6, 2017
Dutch Architects Aim to Redesign Russian City
Global Construction Review

Dutch firms de Architekten Cie and Felixx Landscape Architects are to redesign the historic centre of Chelyabinsk, a city in central Russia, about 1,500km east of Moscow.

February 5, 2017
Jane Jacobs’ Radical Vision of Humanity
The Nation

Jacobs’s unconventional politics grew out of her temperament. She was allergic to dogma; she followed not an ideology but a methodology. She did not assume, or imagine, or take things on faith; she observed. But she didn’t stop there.

Urban Design Firm Locates in Camden N.J., For Free

Calling your company “City Invincible” and relocating from the upscale community of Haddonfield to the City of Camden — without the tax breaks that have lured many more groups here — may seem like a leap of faith to some.

February 2, 2017
How London Suburb Became ‘Dementia-Friendly’
The Guardian

Purley suburb has been named a safe space for people with dementia, an idea born in the cities of Japan. Campaigners now want London to become the world’s first dementia-friendly capital – but what would that mean?

Row Houses: At Face Value
Urban Omnibus

We sent photographer Rob Stephenson out to document the many faces of the city’s row houses. While New Yorkers often use “brownstone” as a synonym for row house, the reality is that the form is far more varied than that equivalence suggests.


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