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Apartment life can be strangely isolating: the intimacy of removing a complete stranger’s underwear from the building washing machine; the awkwardness of silent elevator rides while rubbing elbows with a fellow tenant; the jealous pangs of hurrying alone past a cluster of happy friends sharing pizza on your stoop.

Eve Andrews, Grist

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May 29, 2017
Curating Omaha’s Architectural Environment
The Reader

Who or what in Omaha is curating the way the city looks and functions? In contemplating this seemingly simple, albeit broad query, this writer asked several professionals their point-of-view on city curation.

Could This Futuristic Factory Solve Urban Pollution?
The Urban Developer

This vertical factory designed by architecture graduates Tianshi Liu and Linshen Xie of the U.S. was inspired by the rapidly-growing city of Manila, where urbanisation is spawning new industries and even more pollution.

May 25, 2017
The Weird Visions of Vancouver That Never Came To Be
Scout Magazine

Over the years architects, planners and developers have yearned to leave a lasting mark on Vancouver. Take a look at several city-altering designs from decades past that never quite made it — I like to refer to them as the good, the bad and the beguiling.

Interview: Architect Jeanne Gang on Design and Community-Building

Jeanne Gang is a rare bird among architects. Her 20-year old Chicago-based firm, Studio Gang, has cut a bold path, creating a broad portfolio of work that isn’t unified by form or typology as much as by deep research that explores social and environmental aspects of design.

May 24, 2017
How One Harlem Store Changes Over Four Decades
Smithsonian Magazine

When it first caught the notice of Chilean-born photographer Camilo José Vergara in 1978, it was one of the last vestiges of old Harlem—the Purple Manor Jazz Club, with distinctive wavy window panes and painted accordingly.

Designing More Effective Protests

A flash competition in New York City asks designers to come up with way to make protests stand out as they become more frequent.

May 23, 2017
Cologne Reinventing 21st Century
Urban Land Institute

Cologne, the fourth-largest city in Germany, is facing a population challenge. In recent years, the “little big city on the Rhine” has grown faster than projected, with a current population exceeding 1 million.

May 22, 2017
The Overlooked Urban Design of Bollards
New York Magazine

A few days ago, I sat at a café table in the middle of Times Square. Protected from traffic by a row of shiny, hip-high stanchions, I observed the crowds flowing through the recently reconstructed plazas, the way passers-by alighted on the polished black granite benches, walked swiftly through some areas, and lingered in others.

May 19, 2017
Seattle Seawall’s Novel Fish Features
University of Washington DC

As tourists and residents visit Seattle’s downtown waterfront, it may not be immediately apparent they are walking on arguably the largest, most ambitious urban seawall project in the world that prioritizes habitat for young fish and the invertebrates they feed on.

May 17, 2017
Inside Apple’s New Campus
Wired Magazine

On June 7, 2011, a local businessman addressed a meeting of the Cupertino City Council. He had not been on the agenda, but his presence wasn’t a total surprise.

Ramps Help Ducks into DC Reflecting Pools
Greater Greater Washington

As of Monday, there are little ramps leading into and out of the Capitol Reflecting Pool at Union Square. But they’re not for you and me to have easier access to a quick swim. They’re for ducks!

Atlanta Renters Flocking to Suburbs
Curbed Atlanta

Atlanta is ceaselessly cited as being a posterchild for suburban sprawl, with single-family homes extending miles and miles in every direction from the heart of the city.

May 15, 2017
Profiling an Acoustician
ARUP Doggerel

Starchitects aside, we hear little about the individuals whose cumulative decisions shape the built environment. To peer behind the curtain of today’s design field, we’re asking engineers, architects, policymakers, and others about their personal experiences and opinions.

Hamburg’s New Concert Hall
Washington Post

The Elbphilharmonie, a concert hall in Hamburg encased in glass and set upon a giant brick warehouse, is surrounded on three sides by the waters of the city’s bustling harbor.

May 14, 2017
Honeycomb Apartments Will Bring Greenery To Central Istanbul

Istanbul is on track for a stunning new landmark that’ll bring rural living to the heart of the city. International architecture studio Eray Carbajo designed Urban Rural, a modular residential high-rise that aims to raise the bar for sustainable development in Turkey’s capital.

The Fate Of America’s Dead Malls
Business Insider

Hundreds of malls and thousands of mall-based stores have shuttered in the past two decades, and many more may close within the next 10 years. Traditional malls need to transform themselves to stay alive, and many are making changes to attract more business.

May 11, 2017
Montreal’s Classic Jenga Architecture
Yanko Design

Designed by renowned Israeli/Canadian Architect Moshe Safdie, the Habitat 67 is now considered one of Montreal’s finest pieces of architecture, and a Canadian National Heritage Site… not to mention a source of inspiration to architects world over.

The Best Nautical-Themed Architecture In Los Angeles

While programmatic architecture is rare in L.A. these days, there are several buildings designed to resemble ships and boats. Here’s a collection of Los Angeles’ notable nautical-inspired architecture.

May 10, 2017
Reinventing Auto-Centric Suburbs Into Walkable Communities

If people can’t be cajoled to walk for its own sake, is there another way to get them moving? In recent years, planners and policymakers have begun to pull back and consider another solution: If suburbs are the problem, maybe suburbs can be re-imagined as the solution.

‘Wellness Design’ Spreading Across Hospitality Architecture, Beyond
The Architects' Newspaper

Combined with the expansion of “health” branded grocery stores, an uptick in haute athletic wear, and a plethora of juice companies, not to mention the surrounding media buzz, wellness has become not so much a trend as a booming industry. And it has a distinct architecture.


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