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HUD has tried to paint a picture nationwide that they are out there providing all the money and tools and administrative context, and the local agencies just aren’t getting it done.That’s sort of the perception they’ll try to sell to you, and I don’t think that’s accurate.

Richmond CA Mayor Tom Butt, San Francisco Chronicle

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August 21, 2017
MD Getting $900M in Federal Funds for Purple Line
Washington Post

Maryland’s Purple Line will receive a $900 million federal full funding agreement from the Trump administration, officials said Monday, a critical step forward for the oft-delayed project.

August 20, 2017
Southwest LRT Passes Milestones, But Gets a Wall

The Metro Transit staff that has been holding the Southwest Light Rail Transit project together through years of problems passed two major milestones this week. And yet, what most people want to talk about is a wall. A really big wall.

August 16, 2017
Can Public Transit Define the 20-Minute City?

We make a vanishingly small percentage of short trips by public transport and it’s mostly because we prefer the alternatives for this sort of travel. Transit’s strengths lie elsewhere.

August 13, 2017
The Possibilities and Challenges for Nashville’s Light Rail
The Tennessean

As Mayor Megan Barry’s administration pursues the first spoke of a light rail system in Nashville, a new report shows how the entire five-corridor network could work, what it might look like, and where Metro faces construction and right-of-way challenges.

Cities Nationwide Set Sights on Gondolas
New York Times

They would seem more at home in Austria or Switzerland, zipping up the side of the Alps. But suddenly, American cities from Albany to Austin, Tex., are pinning their hopes on, of all things, gondolas.

BRT Could Fix Denver’s Colfax Avenue
Denver Post

Buses traversing east Denver on Colfax are frequently at capacity, and the congestion on one of the city’s busiest thoroughfares is only going to increase in the years to come. Could BRT be a plausible solution?

August 10, 2017
August 9, 2017
New Streetcar Hindered Access to Jobs in New Orleans
New Orleans Times-Picayune

A transit advocacy group is calling into question the city’s new streetcar lines completed in recent years at a cost of $75 million, arguing in a report released Wednesday that those streetcars have slowed daily commutes to work for many residents living near the lines.

August 8, 2017
San Fernando Valley’s Orange Line May Become Rail
Curbed L.A.

It’s been called a quiet success story, a transit model for other U.S. cities to emulate, and one of the most successful bus lines of its type in the country. So why is it being considered for change?

Kansas City Streetcar Expansion Clears Another Hurdle
Next City

Kansas City’s downtown streetcar line has so far proven popular among riders, but difficult to take beyond its initial 2.2 miles. Last week, however, voters approved a new taxing district that could allow the route to expand to the University of Missouri Kansas City.

August 7, 2017
August 3, 2017
The Strange Disappearance of de Blasio’s Streetcar Plan
The Village Voice

After being the focus of neighborhood “listening sessions” all last year, followed by questions raised about the project’s financing and an April revelation of a critical internal City Hall report, the onetime showpiece project has largely gone silent.

Will Paid Parking Come to Tysons Corner?
Greater Greater Washington

Since the Silver Line opened, property owners in Tysons Corner have worried that Metro commuters would park on their lots. Charging for parking could eliminate this concern but a debate over parking fees illustrates the tension surrounding the urbanization of Tysons.

August 1, 2017
July 31, 2017
Boston’s Fairmount Line: Next Model for Commuter Rail
Streetsblog U.S.A.

For commuter rail to work in urban neighborhoods, transit agencies have to rethink fares, schedules, and integration with local transit. The MBTA still has work to do to get all these elements right on the Fairmount Line.

July 30, 2017
3 Years Later, D.C.’s Silver Line Struggles with Ridership
Washington Post

Three years after its splashy opening, the first phase of Metro’s Silver Line has met with mixed success, fueling an unprecedented building boom in areas adjacent to its five new stations but struggling to attract riders.

Upgrading Transit and the Improvement of Spatial Equity
Cities (abstract)

Here we study the change in quality of life, instrumentalised as perceived and measured social capital, socio-economic well-being, and quality of public infrastructure after transit developments in Medellin, Columbia.

July 27, 2017
TransitCenter’s City to Watch: Dallas

Dallas’ transit agency, DART, may be poised to change its decades-long priority of building suburban rail at the expense of city transit service.

July 26, 2017
In Defense of the East Coast Hyperloop

Put in proper context, the hyperloop actually represents an incredible bargain. Just the proposed transit and airport improvements needed to keep New York City functioning in the coming decades would cost more than Musk’s entire project.


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