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It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy: We assume families don’t want to live downtown, we therefore don’t design for family, and, sure enough, families don’t come, or they don’t stay.

Brent Toderian, Vox

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June 20, 2017
The Unaffordable Urban Paradise
MIT Technology Review

Tech startups helped turn a handful of metro areas into megastars. Now they’re tearing those cities apart.

June 19, 2017
A Few Problems With Smart Cities

The “smart city” sounds like a digital utopia, a place where data eliminates first-world hassles, dangers and injustices. But there are some problems with smart cities, and no one, to my knowledge at least, has pointed them out.

June 18, 2017
June 15, 2017
Michelin’s Concept Tire Comes With Rechargeable Treads
New Atlas

Aside from trotting out a new tread pattern every year or so, you might think there’s not a lot manufacturers could do to improve the humble car tire. But advances in materials, sensors and manufacturing techniques are opening up new possibilities.

June 12, 2017
Denver’s Smart City Promises a New Way of Living
Urban Land Institute

About a 20-minute light-rail trip northeast from downtown Denver and nestled on the edge of Denver International Airport, a prototype for the technologically transformed urban neighborhood of the future is just starting to take shape.

Will ‘Industry 4.0’ Cluster?
European Planning Studies (abstract)

We review the basic premises of Industry 4.0 and map them against the clusters’ features with the aim to establish the kind of relations between these two categories.

June 11, 2017
June 8, 2017
Automakers Race to Get Ahead of Silicon Valley on Car-Sharing
New York Times

While their core businesses remain making and selling vehicles, car manufacturers are feverishly experimenting with new services that get people using their products in an age when car ownership is no longer as appealing as it once was.

June 7, 2017
Inside Elon Musk’s $2.6 Billion Acquisition Of SolarCity
Fast Company Design

The Tesla CEO’s merger with his cousins’ sustainable-energy company, SolarCity, is totally logical–and hugely risky. With eyes now on the private sector for environmental leadership, can Musk pull off another miracle?

Could Your Car Predict a Cardiac Event?
University of Michigan

Medical emergencies cause a high number of vehicle crashes. Now researchers have teamed up with Toyota to examine whether new vehicle technology could predict — and potentially prevent — such scenarios.

June 6, 2017
Can Cities Hack Diversity?

Pittsburgh has declared itself an “inclusive innovation city,” meaning it is committed to making sure that white people aren’t the only beneficiaries of the tech-based economy it’s trying to cultivate. Here’s how that’s working out.

Why Smart Technology Won’t Solve All Urban Problems

In a long excerpt in The Guardian, we get a flavor of Adam Greenfield’s nuanced, incisive critique of technology that is deployed to manipulate the people who use it, treating us as things to be sensed, not sensors.

The Age of the Smart City
Spatial Complexity

In this paper, I argue that the smart cities movement is simply the latest stage in the massive dissemination of digital computation that began with its invention some 70 or more years ago.

June 4, 2017
How Could BlockChain Change Planning?
The Planner UK

Devised for the digital currency Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology has created the backbone of a new type of internet and its potential to publicly record everything of value holds opportunities for the planning community.

June 1, 2017
The Smart City Already Exists, Under Our Streets
Fast Company Design

According to conventional thinking, having a smart city means installing thousands of sensors and cameras everywhere to measure traffic and pollution and movement. But it turns out that some existing infrastructure could act as a sensor already–no new tech needed.

Inside The Silicon Valley Mindset
Aaron Renn

The tech industry is one of the most powerful entities affecting our world. But who are these people? And what do they believe and how do they think about the world? A couple of recent articles provide a window into this.

May 29, 2017
May 24, 2017
Three Quarters of Internet of Things Projects at Risk of Failure
Computer Weekly

The vast majority of internet of things (IoT) projects are either at risk of failure or doomed to fail, with almost two-thirds stalling at the proof of concept stage, and only 26% of businesses reporting a successful project completion, according to a report released at Cisco’s IoT World Forum in London.

Can Denver Become Like Silicon Valley
Wired Magazine

Ross Diedrich had gone pale and raw-boned. The CEO of a year-old startup in Denver, he’d stay at his office until the middle of the night, go home and sleep for about five hours, then chug a spinach smoothie and start again.


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