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In Mexico we occupy streets in a very particular manner—it may seem chaotic, but it is actually very complex and organized.

Frida Escobedo, Architectural Digest

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November 20, 2016
Study: Swaths of Indianapolis in Decline
Indianapolis Business Journal

Fall Creek Place north of downtown is a shining example of a neighborhood where new investment rescued it from decades of decay.

November 16, 2016
Learning From The Last 25 Years of Affordable Housing
Living Cities

We can’t simply do more of the same if we hope to wrestle down the housing affordability crisis. Fortunately, over the last 25 years we’ve learned some valuable lessons, and they point to how we can take our impact to a new level.

November 13, 2016
How Moving to a Tiny House Got Us More Space
The Guardian

One city couple desperate to give their family proper outdoor space decided on a radical, rural downsize. But for how long can they rub along in such proximity?

The Geopolitics of Real Estate
International Journal of Housing Policy (abstract)

The internationalisation of real estate increases mutual dependencies and vulnerabilities between nation states and, therefore, calls for a better appreciation of the geopolitical externalities and exteriorities of real estate.

November 9, 2016
Restrictive Zoning and Flipping Houses
Granola Shotgun

Last year I bought a $15,000 uninhabitable house in Cincinnati, Ohio. The copper had been stripped out and no one had lived there for years. Last month I sold the place for slightly more than I paid for it, but with renovations, I lost about $3,000. So what happened?

Architectural and Psychological Evaluation of Side Setback Areas
Urban Policy and Research (abstract)

In urban environments, front yards and backyards are valued by residents for the opportunities they provide for enriching residential activities and promoting neighbourly ties. This article extends previous inquiries to identify the preferred uses and attributes of side setback areas.

November 8, 2016
NYC Architect Proposes ‘Flipped’ Houses For London
Global Construction Review

New York-based architect Nooyoon Design has created a proposal called “Flipped Houses” for a building competition that encourages architects to explore ways of building wooden housing in cities.

November 6, 2016
The Atlas of Gentrification
Creative Review

Created by designer Herwig Scherabon, the atlas tells the graphic story of gentrification and related issues with a series of data visualisations, graphs and maps.

Why The Candidates Aren’t Talking About Housing
Fast Company

As we near the final phase of the election cycle, issues like terrorism, taxes, immigration, and gun regulation have been widely discussed. But housing policy has mostly failed to work its way into stump speeches, debates, and other political pit stops on the road to the White House.

Housing Doesn’t Filter, Neighborhoods Do

For decades “affordable housing” has been the near exclusive domain of the public sector, but the crisis has reached the point where we need all the help we can get. Can private capital, development companies, and market-rate housing developments help make housing affordable?

November 2, 2016
Affordable Housing, Not Just For The Favored Few
City Observatory

As we all know, 2016 is the year that reality television made its way to the national political stage. Less well noticed is how another idea from reality television has insinuated its way into our thinking about housing policy.

November 1, 2016
Preserve the Alps by Giving Up the Chalets

Winter resorts will need to increase their density to prevent their decline, according to a PhD thesis in architecture. PhD student Fiona Pià offers concrete and innovative solutions for Verbier, a typical example of the problems that winter resorts face today.

October 31, 2016
October 30, 2016
Jobs-Housing Proximity Based on Minimum Commute
Journal of Transport Geography (abstract)

This paper investigates recent trends in the efficiency of the Belgian territorial structure in terms of commuting, at both the urban and regional scales.

October 27, 2016
The Legacy of Model Cities
Urban Omnibus

As New York City seeks funds from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s new Choice Neighborhoods initiative, Urban Omnibus columnist Susanne Schindler, struck by a sense of historical repetition, looks back at the legacy of Model Cities.

October 26, 2016
ULI Releases Annual Urban Trends Report

For months, the real estate market—and markets in general—have suffered a lack of security. From the Brexit aftermath to the U.S. election, political wildcards as well as structural market shifts have made prognostication and predictions difficult.

October 25, 2016
No Vacancies in California? Housing Report Begs to Differ
New York Times

California will have to build about 3.5 million homes over the next eight years, more than triple its current pace of construction, simply to keep up with expected population growth and hold down housing costs to affordable levels. But how could the state actually do it?

October 24, 2016
Lack of Section 8 Is Not Just About Poverty
Living Cities

Providing Housing Choice Vouchers for the 3.1 million extremely-low-income households in need would save approximately $44 billion per year. Not only would we be housing our lowest income citizens, but we’d be providing stable housing for millions of minority households.

October 23, 2016
Why Do We Build Modern Houses in Mock Period Styles?
The Telegraph

From mock Tudor to neo-Classical, Georgian to Gothic, we have been reproducing the architecture of the past for centuries. The retrospective approach exasperates progressive architects, yet period-style homes continue to charm 21st-century buyers. Why?


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