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Any time data feeds a predictive model, the human biases and structural discrimination embedded in that data can be perpetuated, creating a vicious cycle given credence by technology and statistics.

Katharine Schwab, Fast Company Design

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April 16, 2017
City Council Approves Austin’s First-Ever Housing Plan

The Austin City Council approved the strategic housing plan Thursday, though the document is now being called the strategic housing “blueprint.” It calls for the construction of 135,000 more housing units by 2025, with 60,000 of them being affordable.

April 12, 2017
Urban Institute Report Highlights Health, Housing Links

There have been many studies, reports, and articles throughout the years that highlight the correlation between a person’s housing and their health. That’s especially true today, where talk of the “social determinants of health” seem to be the new hot catchphrase.

April 5, 2017
The Edges of Home Ownership
International Journal of Housing Policy (abstract)

In many Western countries the edges of ownership form a neglected zone between the majority tenure, sustainable owner-occupation, and the minority experience, long-term renting.

March 30, 2017
Housing Must Be A Human Right
The Globe and Mail

Toronto’s overheated housing market is now being called a crisis, and evidence has been offered to support wildly divergent opinions on its causes. Some suggest it’s a problem of unprecedented demand for housing; others say it’s all about lack of sufficient supply. Actually, it’s neither.

March 29, 2017
March 20, 2017
The State’s Role in Shaping Housing Aspirations
Housing, Theory & Society (abstract)

This paper is to be read as one half of a twofold analysis of recent qualitative research on the housing aspirations of the people of Scotland, focusing specifically on the dimension of housing tenure.

Quantifying, Visualizing Jobs-Housing Balance With Big Data
Cities (abstract)

Existing jobs-housing balance studies have relied heavily if not solely on small data. Via a case study of Shanghai, this study shows how cellular network data can be processed to derive useful information for those studies.

March 19, 2017
The Fate of McMansions
Strong Towns

Business Insider recently ran an article with the misleading headline, “Americans could be killing the McMansion for good.” A more accurate header would have read, “McMansions may eventually be left for dead (but probably not for a while).”

March 16, 2017
21st Century Utopia: Cities Without Slums

In the past decade or so, new technologies, including better land mapping, prefabricated construction and cheaper solar power, have begun bringing the costs of housing down 20 percent to 30 percent, say experts. Could this help build housing in slums?

March 14, 2017
March 12, 2017
State of California May Step In To Fair Housing Debate
California Planning & Development Report

Now that federal government seems likely to pull the plug on the federal Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule, California is considering several counterveiling steps, including a state law backstopping the rule.

March 9, 2017
The Continued Growth of Multigenerational Living
Housing Perspectives

A substantial number and share of older Americans are living in “multigenerational” households, according to our analysis of recently released 2015 American Community Survey one-year population estimates.

March 8, 2017
March 6, 2017
Are Americans Finally Killing The McMansion?
Business Insider

As Americans’ attitudes toward conspicuous consumption have evolved in the wake of the recession, the suburban McMansion as we’ve come to understand it could be on its way out.

For Many, The Cities With Jobs Are Too Expensive
The Urban Edge

For years, Americans have been willing and able to pack up their belongings and move elsewhere in the country in search of better economic opportunities. But that period may be coming to a close, argues a new report by the Penn Institute for Urban Research released last month.

CA Needs More Density To Meet Climate Goals
Los Angeles Times

To meet the bold new climate change goals, California will put millions of electric cars on the road, revolutionize its dairy industry and generate half of all power from renewable sources. But those efforts will come up short, without dramatic changes to how Californians live.

March 5, 2017
March 2, 2017
Piketty, Inequality and Housing
Housing, Theory & Society (abstract)

Piketty’s monumental Capital in the Twentieth Century has shaken up political economy, and has aided in understanding inequality in capitalism and the growth in social inequality. It’s sway has also shaken up the housing world.

March 1, 2017
Housing and Poverty: A Longitudinal Analysis
Housing Studies (abstract)

Cross-sectional research suggests that the British housing system weakens the link between income poverty and housing outcomes, but this reveals little about the long-term relationships.


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