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HUD has tried to paint a picture nationwide that they are out there providing all the money and tools and administrative context, and the local agencies just aren’t getting it done.That’s sort of the perception they’ll try to sell to you, and I don’t think that’s accurate.

Richmond CA Mayor Tom Butt, San Francisco Chronicle

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August 22, 2017
August 20, 2017
Industrial “Edge Cities” Have Helped China Grow

China’s massive investment in industrial parks has paid economic dividends while reshaping the urban areas where they are located, according to a newly published study co-authored by an MIT expert on urban economics.

Has Logistics Helped Chinese Economic Development?
Transport Reviews (abstract)

This study is the first to evaluate whether logistics infrastructure has indeed contributed to economic growth by employing an error correction model with panel data from 2003 to 2014.

August 17, 2017
How to Localize, Socialize, and Democratize the U.K. Economy
London School of Economics

There are sensible ways through which we can reorganise the UK economy, argues Neil McInroy. He explains how a new urban economic agenda can be implemented and how it can help build a more socially just future.

August 15, 2017
August 14, 2017
Harvard Professor Develops Recipe for Thriving Cities
Harvard Magazine

What does it take for cities to succeed in the global economy? Ricardo Hausmann, professor of the practice of economic development and director of Harvard’s Center for International Development, is developing a tool to find out.

August 13, 2017
Struggling L.A. Suburbs Want to Cash in on CA’s Relaxed Pot Laws
Los Angeles Times

As California braces for the impact of relaxed marijuana laws that allow recreational use for adults, several financially strapped cities in Los Angeles County and elsewhere are at the forefront of efforts to seize business opportunities, despite pushback from residents.

High-Growth Firms in the Southern U.S.: Where is the Growth?
Growth and Change (abstract)

Policymakers across the southern U.S. have directed considerable attention to regional economic development plans, with mixed results. But questions remain over what types of industries, firms, and/or policies can drive long-range growth.

August 10, 2017
August 9, 2017
Total Factor Productivity and Regional Development in Europe
Regional Studies (abstract)

This paper documents the fact that the large and persistent differences in economic development across subnational regions in European Union countries can largely be attributed to differences in total factor productivity (TFP).

August 7, 2017
Can Rural Areas Gain From Urban Linkages?
Regional Studies (abstract)

‘What’s in it for the rural?’ depends upon the ability of rural regions to capture the value attached to highly mobile, skilled workers choosing to live in the rural region.

August 6, 2017
Private Bond Market Key for Urban Community Development

“I have speculated and fantasized about real access to the capital markets for decades,” the Reinvestment Fund CEO Don Hinkle-Brown says. “If there’s enough activity and we can build a marketplace, we can see whether people will pay for impact.”

August 3, 2017
MD’s Howard County TIF Sacrifices Taxpayer Dollars
Baltimore Sun

A plan to fund a 64-acre development in North Laurel with tax increment financing amounts to a sacrifice of Howard County taxpayer dollars to non-local, private interests and would discourage at least as much economic development as it is supposed to promote.

August 1, 2017
July 31, 2017
Job-Generating Model Can Work in Cities Preserving Industrial Spaces
Next City

Last week, a group of people attending the 2017 Urban Resilience Summit in New York City toured the site and learned how, despite manufacturing and shipbuilding leaving NYC, the Brooklyn Navy Yard managed to survive and eventually thrive once again as an economic hub.

July 30, 2017
The Foxconn Con
Strong Towns

This proposal is political theater at best, and, at worst, it is treating jobs as an object of religious veneration. If this is an example of this government’s approach to job creation, we would be right to be extremely pessimistic about the future.

The Next Big Challenge for Small Downtowns

America’s smaller cities are winning people back with an explosion of new residential and entertainment options. Now they need to get serious about private sector job growth—and tech isn’t the silver bullet.

July 27, 2017
How Does City Layout Affect Economic Success?

How does the layout of a city affect its performance? And what are the opportunities and challenges of spatial evidence in policy? Centre for Cities discussed these issues at a recent roundtable with urban planning consultancy Space Syntax.

July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017


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