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In Mexico we occupy streets in a very particular manner—it may seem chaotic, but it is actually very complex and organized.

Frida Escobedo, Architectural Digest

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November 16, 2016
America’s Cities Are Last Hope for Climate Action

Last week’s U.S. election makes clear that subnational actors—especially cities—are America’s only hope now in terms of climate action. Climate policy cannot take a sabbatical and wait another four years or another election cycle for more aggressive action.

CA Transport Funding Does Not Yet Support Climate Policies
Streetsblog Cal

Although the deadline for most bills passed in September, there is still one more issue remaining in front of current legislators: transportation funding. The Transportation Special Session has until November 30 to pass a bill to fix what everyone seems to agree is a crisis.

November 15, 2016
Landscape Architects Facing Shrinking Ecological Resources
The Architects Newspaper

25 landscape architects were asked to write a 1,000-word “declaration of leadership” and ideas for how the field can make its vital contribution in response to the challenges of our time and the next fifty years. These declarations were then presented at the summit.

Reducing Carbon Emissions from Transport
Urban Policy & Research (abstract)

Tackling climate change and reducing global greenhouse gas emission levels to meet the target ceiling of two degrees above pre-industrial average global temperatures will require multi-level governance.

November 14, 2016
Will Cities Take Fed’s Place in Climate Action?

The future of U.S. climate action doesn’t look great, but cities around the world are stepping up. On Monday at COP22, leaders of 7,100 cities in 119 countries announced progress on locally-driven emissions reductions is already underway.

November 13, 2016
NYC Braces for Climate Change

On calm days, waters innocently wash against the aging seawalls at Manhattan’s southernmost park, but in decades to come they could inundate the island’s lower districts.

November 10, 2016
Improving Building Efficiency: A Tale of 4 Cities
The City Fix

One-third of the world’s energy-related emissions come from buildings. So perhaps it’s no surprise that more than 80 national climate plans submitted ahead of COP21 in Paris included commitments to improve building efficiency.

Five Cities That Could Save Antarctica
City Metric

Antarctica is at a crossroads. This frozen continent at the bottom of our planet has the potential to either become one of the most fiercely contested zones in the world, or the most collaborative.

November 9, 2016
U.S. Cities Setting Records for Latest First Freeze
Washington Post

It’s been an incredibly warm fall. Record highs far outnumbered record lows in October. Now some locations, still far from dropping to temperatures below 32 degrees, are coming up against their latest first freeze on record.

November 8, 2016
Green Bonds And Investments Are Key To Fight Climate Change

Over the next 15 years the world is expected to invest around $90 trillion to replace aging infrastructure in advanced economies and to accommodate higher growth in developing countries. To finance sustainable infrastructure, investors are turning to ‘green’ bonds.

November 7, 2016
Vancouver Considers Abandoning Coast Due to Climate
Vice Motherboard

Like every other part of the world, Vancouver under threat from climate change, as warming temperatures cause sea levels to creep ever-higher. The city is looking at many options to hold back the rising water—and for the first time, retreat from the coast is one of them.

Density Is at the Center of San Diego Climate Fight
Next City

San Diego environmentalists and urbanists are sounding the alarm. They say if the city doesn’t take steps to increase density in its inner-core neighborhoods it won’t be on track to accomplish its climate goals.

November 6, 2016
Paris Climate Agreement Takes Effect, But It’s Not Enough

The most significant international agreement to combat climate change took effect Thursday evening—midnight in Europe—just days before international climate negotiators were set to meet in Morocco to chart a path forward on the issue.

November 3, 2016
1M People Along Wilshire Could Make L.A. More Sustainable
Los Angeles Times

How can we absorb an additional 1.5 million people while accounting for the impacts of climate change, advancing environmental sustainability and urban affordability without completely destroying the character that Angelenos love about their city? Short answer: smart density.

November 2, 2016
November 1, 2016
How Design is Inspiring Innovation
Wired UK

Great technology can’t succeed without inspirational design. WIRED highlights some inspirational polymaths changing our world for the better.

Most Corporate Climate Pledges Wouldn’t Stop Climate Change
Fast Company Coexist

Ever since climate change emerged as an issue of significant public concern, companies have pledged to go carbon-neutral or cut emissions by some percentage by some future date. These announcements have often sounded impressive, but actually, most don’t go far enough.

October 31, 2016
The Weather Really is Worse on the Weekends
City Metric

Do you ever feel that the weather is worse on the weekend? Well you might be right. Our research, published in Environmental Research Letters, shows that in Australia’s biggest cites, the temperature is on average up to 0.3℃ cooler on Sundays compared to Thursdays and Fridays.

October 30, 2016
Climate Scientist Reflects on Cities, COP22

Now the director of Boston University’s Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future, ecologist Tony Jenetos is helping Arup develop an internal training module focusing on the power and influence of cities in today’s world.


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