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It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy: We assume families don’t want to live downtown, we therefore don’t design for family, and, sure enough, families don’t come, or they don’t stay.

Brent Toderian, Vox

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May 18, 2017
Cliffhouses are the New Thing
Arch Daily

In major cities around the world, buildable land is at a premium. At the same time, a continued trend of urban migration has led to a shortage of houses, inspiring a wealth of innovative solutions from architects and designers.

May 11, 2017
MIT Developing A 3D-Printer For Buildings

The list of materials that can be produced by 3-D printing has grown to include not just plastics but also metal, glass, and even food. MIT researchers are expanding the list further, with the design of a system that can 3-D print the basic structure of an entire building.

Obama Library Design Off To Somber Start
Los Angeles Times

As is so often true in architecture, even this early look at the new presidential library revealed plenty. A mere sketch — and this plan remains essentially that, an architectural first draft — can be surprisingly talkative.

Montreal’s Classic Jenga Architecture
Yanko Design

Designed by renowned Israeli/Canadian Architect Moshe Safdie, the Habitat 67 is now considered one of Montreal’s finest pieces of architecture, and a Canadian National Heritage Site… not to mention a source of inspiration to architects world over.

The Best Nautical-Themed Architecture In Los Angeles

While programmatic architecture is rare in L.A. these days, there are several buildings designed to resemble ships and boats. Here’s a collection of Los Angeles’ notable nautical-inspired architecture.

May 10, 2017
Adelaide Seeking Architects For Its ‘Creative City’
Architecture and Design

The Adelaide Creative Community Hub competition, announced this week, is offering USD6,000 for the design of a stimulating, creative, and multi-functional building for the South Australian Capital.

‘Wellness Design’ Spreading Across Hospitality Architecture, Beyond
The Architects' Newspaper

Combined with the expansion of “health” branded grocery stores, an uptick in haute athletic wear, and a plethora of juice companies, not to mention the surrounding media buzz, wellness has become not so much a trend as a booming industry. And it has a distinct architecture.

May 9, 2017
Philly’s ‘Powerhouse’: A Case Study in Infill Development
Brandon Donnelly

Dezeen recently featured a project in Philadelphia by Interface Studio Architects. It’s called Powerhouse and the goal was to provide a variety of different housing typologies and tenures within a dense infill project that, at the same time, remains in keeping with its context.

May 8, 2017
May 7, 2017
How Las Vegas Plays With Our Imaginations
Los Angeles Times

“Alien territory,” my father called it when I told him I’d be spending the winter and spring here. But in Las Vegas, as in Los Angeles, that phrase does not apply.

The Complicated Architecture of Albert Speer, Jr.
New Yorker

Controversy surrounding Albert Speer, Jr.,’s designs for the 2022 World Cup, in Qatar, has invited the one thing he has worked his entire career to avoid: comparisons to his father, who was Hitler’s favorite architect.

Rendering for MAD’s L.A. Lucas Museum Revealed

Designed by MAD Architects, the building will house the Star Wars-directors’ expansive collection of art, illustrations and artifacts, showcasing the art of visual storytelling.

May 4, 2017
The Link Between Home Styles, Water Use

Affluent neighborhoods with lawns—and occasionally swimming pools—use up to 10 times more water than neighborhoods with higher density housing with less landscaping, according to a Portland State University study.

May 3, 2017
First Renderings Of Obama Presidential Center Released
Fast Company Design

Designed by the New York-based Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects, the concept shows a large public plaza, flanked by a museum, library, and forum to create a spacious campus and park that’s open to the public.

May 2, 2017
April 30, 2017
The Handmaid’s Tale Gets Architectural Tribute
Fast Company Design

The new Hulu adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s searing 1985 novel The Handmaid’s Tale has been accompanied by a rather unorthodox, viral marketing campaign–the latest component of which is a Pentagram-designed art installation on New York City’s High Line.


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