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In Mexico we occupy streets in a very particular manner—it may seem chaotic, but it is actually very complex and organized.

Frida Escobedo, Architectural Digest

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March 19, 2017
Walking Could Save Public $2B Annually

What would happen if everyone built 8,800 steps a day into their routine? Would this be a game changer for the health of citizens and for the budgets of nations that fund universal health care? The short answer is, yes.

How Punk Changed Cities, And Vice Versa
The Guardian

From New York to Jakarta, punks have long fought for their rights to the city. But just how much have they achieved – and will we ever see a mohawk in City Hall?

How Urban Design Can Help With Mental Health

The world’s cities aren’t very mentally healthy. While many of the more physical aspects of health have been addressed using urban design, most cities have not taken the same intentional approach with their citizens’ mental health.

Capitol Hill: ‘Historic’ By Decree
Dirt Americana

Capitol Hill touts itself as one of the nation’s largest and most intact historic districts. Yet, for the most part, the expansive residential district, remains fully outside the orbit of the tourists that throng to the Mall’s attractions every summer.

The Fate of McMansions
Strong Towns

Business Insider recently ran an article with the misleading headline, “Americans could be killing the McMansion for good.” A more accurate header would have read, “McMansions may eventually be left for dead (but probably not for a while).”

March 16, 2017
‘Sneckdown’ Time On The East Coast

You might be wondering, what the heck is a sneckdown? A snowy neckdown is what happens when nature does the narrowing with snow, and when cars are left with what they actually need rather than what the engineers gave them. It started as a hashtag #sneckdown.

The Death And Life Of Philly’s ‘Middle Neighborhoods’
Philadelphia Inquirer

They’re not among the neighborhoods that can boast slick new townhouses and trendy bars serving craft beer. But they’re not blighted messes, either, forever struggling with crime. These places are poised between success and failure. And they have a catchy name: middle neighborhoods.

Simple Design Changes Can Make Bathrooms Better

Let’s be clear: The transgender people currently entangled in America’s so-called “bathroom bill” debates aren’t asking for all of the US’s restrooms to be redesigned. But some design changes would be simple, and cheap.

March 15, 2017
New Evidence That Dense Development Reduces Driving
Huffington Post

If, as a city planner or elected official, one of your objectives is to slow or reverse the growth of traffic and its associated environmental and economic costs, encouraging development close to the regional center is a useful policy tool to have in your collection of options.

Beijing Becoming World Class Design City
The Independent

It may be 3000 years old, but the Chinese capital is a thoroughly modern megalopolis. Beijing’s art and design scene is going from strength to strength.

D.C.’s Historic Canal Park To Undergo Transformation

James Corner Field Operations, the urban design and landscape architecture firm behind the High Line in New York City, has been selected by Georgetown Heritage to complete a similar transformation of a historic canal in the Washington D.C. neighborhood of Georgetown.

The Secret Art Language of NYC Playgrounds
New York Times

Growing up on the Upper West Side in the 1970s, the artist Julia Jacquette saw plenty of the urban decay for which that era is known. This has affected her career, in which she sought to rebuild and redesign the city’s parks to be more children-friendly.

March 14, 2017


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