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In Mexico we occupy streets in a very particular manner—it may seem chaotic, but it is actually very complex and organized.

Frida Escobedo, Architectural Digest

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March 22, 2017
Brass Tacks: Discrimination, Documented
Urban Omnibus

“Geography does the work of Jim Crow laws.” That statement, from civil rights expert john a. powell in the film The House We Live In, links the laws that created a postbellum racial caste system and the federal, state, and local laws that created residential segregation.

Project Seeks One-Stop Shopping For ADUs
Portland Tribune

Portland State University’s Institute for Sustainable Solutions is using the ‘Solarize’ model to make it easier to add backyard homes.

March 21, 2017
Why Cities Need Spaces For Play

As adults we often overlook the necessity of playful spaces, but they are vital places for communities to thrive.

Q&A: The Rise of Urbanization
Multi-Housing News

The trend of these “mini cities” is increasing in popularity and Multi-Housing News sat down with Ana-Marie Codina Barlick, CEO of Codina Partners, to discuss this growing trend of urbanization, the company’s newest project Downtown Doral in Miami.

Australia: The Island Seen and Felt
Places Journal

Australia is a place with more land than people, more geography than architecture. But it is not and never has been empty. Few landscapes have been so deeply known.

When Design Hates You
Boston Globe

If you’ve suffered because a product didn’t accommodate your size, strength, or needs, then you’ve been a victim of design bias.

At the WTC, A Developer Exploiting Artists

Since last summer, artists have been invited to create works for free on the 69th floor of Four World Trade Center, a raw space that was recently leased to Spotify.

The Future of Aging Office Buildings
The Third Place

Transit-served locations, less parking and affordability in urban centers are behind the successful recycling of offices into residences and other uses.

March 20, 2017
Celebration, Florida May Be Destroyed To Save It

Celebration, Florida is an example of what is called New Urbanism. But the things that people love about it, that make it work, may well change because Celebration is part of a larger community that has big eight foot wide fire trucks.

Berkeley’s New Laws Make Backyard Cottages Easier

The Berkeley City Council voted last week to make it easier to literally build housing in one’s backyard. Berkeley’s ordinance on accessory dwelling units is now up to state code and more lenient than it used to be.

Is Sprawl Still The #1 Bogeyman?

Sprawl was the headline city planning issue for more than half a century, but it’s salience has faded over recent decades. Urban policy-makers need to reassess their priorities.

March 19, 2017
Young Planners At Madison Hip-Hop Architecture Camp
Madison Capital Times

Model cities, built on vinyl records, were scattered around a lobby at UW-Madison as part of the Hip-Hop Architecture Camp’s premiere festivities. The LPs nod to the organizer’s question, “What happens at the intersection of hip-hop culture and architecture?”

Why Not Build More Classical Architecture?
The Spectator

There is a fair amount of research suggesting that traditional architecture, such as Georgian and Victorian terraces and mansion blocks, contributes to our wellbeing. Beauty makes people happy. So why aren’t we building more of it?

Who Builds Your Architecture? A Critical Field Guide

Who Builds Your Architecture? (WBYA?) asks architects and allied fields to better understand how the production of buildings connects their design and consulting practices to the workers who ultimately build them.


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