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HUD has tried to paint a picture nationwide that they are out there providing all the money and tools and administrative context, and the local agencies just aren’t getting it done.That’s sort of the perception they’ll try to sell to you, and I don’t think that’s accurate.

Richmond CA Mayor Tom Butt, San Francisco Chronicle

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August 22, 2017
How Layout of Urban “Cells” Affects Neighborhood Success

In a quest for new analytical tools, Robin Renner has devised an anatomically-based classification system in his new book Urban Being: Anatomy & Identity of the City, which uncovers how transportation networks can be best organized to promote a healthy environment.

Why Do We Respond to Places Like We Do?

Has a building, place or a public place made you feel excited, interested, melancholic or stressed? Do some people find a location stimulating, while others find it boring or even alarming?

Temporary Spaces And A Life On The Move
Pop Up City

We often hear phrases like “Today’s Internet generation no longer needs a home”. While this might not be true for everyone, the New Nomads have made it their lifestyle to be constantly on the move and to be able to settle anywhere they want.

Investor-Driven Urban Density is Linked to Disadvantage
The Conversation

The densification of Australian cities has been heralded as a boon for housing choice and diversity. The up-beat promotion of “the swing to urban living” by one of Australia’s leading developer lobby groups epitomises the rhetoric around this seismic shift in housing.

Ann Arbor’s New Design Rules Serves Pedestrians

Continuing to refine a proposal for new downtown design regulations, the City Council voted Monday night, Aug. 21, to give initial approval to a set of revised zoning changes aimed at improving the look and feel of new buildings and additions in the downtown.

Mobile-Markets Could Create Food Desert Oases
The University of Kansas

With perishable inventory and slim profit margins, the grocery business is notoriously tough. The mobile grocery business is even tougher. Two entities – one for-profit and the other not — that in recent years ran mobile groceries in the Kansas City area have shut down. But Professor of Architecture & Design Nils Gore and doctoral […]

Examining Urban Core Apartment Market Performances
National Real Estate Investor

The U.S. apartment completion volume across the country’s 100 largest metros has accelerated to more than 80,000 units per quarter in 2017, up from around 60,000 units a quarter in the previous couple years.

August 21, 2017
Have Millennials Forced Corporations to Leave Suburban Offices?
Urban Land Institute

Millennials are thought to be the driving force behind this migration as companies continue to find top talent in larger, urban environments. But on the other hand, many in the industry argue that the suburban office market is actually showing signs of strength.

Ted Talks: 7 Principles For Building Better Cities
CCT News

Peter Calthorpe has always been fascinated by the thought of the world setting up the best infrastructure in major cities. Lately, he has been pretty busy in the past trying to come up with a plan that will guide in the building of the cities of the future.

Rainbow Crosswalks Instill Trust Among Strangers

In 2012 Vancouver’s road crews painted over the four standard zebra crosswalks at an intersection with fat, bright, rainbow-colored bands. The move was so popular that they made the change permanent the following year and added rainbow-flecked public plaza.

The Striking Temporary Palaces of Burning Man

When it comes to where to sleep, creativity is encouraged and, in recent years, Burning Man has garnered press for the weird and wild architecture that inhabits the desert for one week only.

Europe Wary of Security Infrastructure Despite Attacks

Europe has experienced around a dozen cases of drivers using a car or truck to plow into pedestrians like last week’s attack in Barcelona, but cities have not rushed to mitigate the risks by changing their layout.

Transitioning Building Design to a Future of Driverless Cars
Urban Land Institute

As soon as 2030, the trend toward fewer and smaller cars will mean a reduced need for wide roads and parking, reshaping cities and how people interact. At least that is how Ross Conway, principal at Gensler, an architecture firm, conceives the future.

Eclipse: The Great Triangulator
Project for Public Spaces

William H. Whyte marveled at the way some things in public space can connect two strangers by providing a third point between them—what he called “triangulation.” For an hour or so around America, the eclipse became just such an engine of introduction.

Uniqlo Is Rethinking Japanese Work Culture
Fast Company Design

Allied Works Architecture and Fast Retailing think Western work spaces could be big in Japan. Can design help change the nation’s hierarchical work culture?

August 20, 2017
Bollards Could’ve Prevented Barcelona-Style Attack
New York Magazine

The driver who attacked Barcelona yesterday, killing 14 and maiming dozens, drove unimpeded along a quarter-mile of Las Ramblas’ wide, leafy median. “There are a million ways of preventing that,” says Rob Reiter, a pedestrian-safety consultant.

Columbus, IN, Renews Its Big Design Legacy
New York Times

Columbus, Indiana has an unusual depth of remarkable modern, postmodern and contemporary architecture, making it one of America’s most design-sophisticated communities. And its coming back.


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