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Any time data feeds a predictive model, the human biases and structural discrimination embedded in that data can be perpetuated, creating a vicious cycle given credence by technology and statistics.

Katharine Schwab, Fast Company Design

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April 27, 2017
Rural Towns Push Back on Dane County Zoning

Tim Roehl is sick and tired of being bossed around by big-city folks. “It’s a no-brainer,” says Roehl, a former town of Middleton board member. “City people should not have rights over townspeople.”

The Next Era in Zoning Codes
Columbia Business Times

In 1931, the academic journal Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science published an article called “History of Zoning.” It was an ironic title; the instituted practice of zoning was barely a decade old.

The Progressive Case for Up-Zoning Minneapolis

For too long, urban progressives – the type of people who vote overwhelmingly for liberal candidates and causes election after election – have waged a mostly winning battle against land use reforms that match our values. We need to reverse course.

Dynamically Planned: Make Only Big Plans, the Sequel
Living Cities

In his latest writing on the Equipt to Innovate framework, Steven Bosacker takes inspiration from architect Daniel Burnham, plus the work of cities like New Orleans and Louisville, to discuss how urban areas can tackle their biggest issues by making appropriately big plans.

The Absurdity of the Boston Common Shadow Debate
Boston Globe

At earlier points in our history, ridding the city of witchcraft and suppressing immoral literature were urgent goals for respectable Bostonians. The movement to keep fleeting shadows off parks is just as well-intentioned — and just as overzealous.

April 26, 2017
Amazon Could Kill Big Boxes, Will It Also Kill Main Street?
Streetsblog U.S.A.

The online giant is chipping away at the dominance of big box stores, which might warm the hearts of people who watched Walmart and other retailers ruthlessly suck the life out of walkable downtowns for years on end. But is it really a good thing?

Architecture in the Basement
Urban Omnibus

For the last 36 years, Janet Parks, curator of the Avery Archives, has been mayor of New York’s architecture community, located in the lower level of Columbia University’s Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library.

Dallas’s Debate About a Midnight Bar ‘Curfew’ Gets Political
Dallas Observer

On Monday night, about 50 people gathered at the Katy Trail Ice House to talk about a hot topic in the Dallas food and drink industries: proposed legislation that would require alcohol vendors in certain neighborhoods to apply for a specific use permit to remain open after midnight.

Designer Michael Ford’s ‘Hip Hop Architecture’
Cleveland Plain-Dealer

Michael Ford had a life-changing moment when he went on a school trip from Cass Tech in Detroit to the architecture school at University of Detroit Mercy. It was there that Ford met Professor Dan Pitera, a self-described “political and social activist masquerading as an architect.”

10 Best Practices for Creative Placemaking
Urban Land Institute

Creative placemaking, an innovation that involves bringing art and culture in tandem with design to the beginning of a real estate development project, is gaining momentum around the globe, from small rural communities to large urban areas.

April 25, 2017
New Idea For Fighting Silicon Valley Sprawl
Governing Magazine

Critics say suburban headquarters for companies like Apple and Google contribute to traffic and sprawl. The solution may lie in better connections to transit.

Why Aren’t Urbanists Talking About Amazon?
Strong Towns

If you care the least bit about urban economics and the future of American cities, you’ve probably spent your fair share of time talking about the perils of big box retail. But why haven’t urbanists been taking up the elephant in the room, Amazon?

Has Seattle Finally Figured Out Redevelopment?

Over the last few years, virtually every neighborhood in Seattle has seemingly been inundated with large development projects. What has the city learned during its redevelopment process?

Why CBDs Refuse to Die

Why are CBDs so attractive when they are so difficult to get to, and why are technical and transport advances not able to sow the seeds of their demise?


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