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What has happened over time is that development has become less dense in the US. People like to move to a 5-acre ranch, and that creates this volatile mix of houses and flammable vegetation.

Volker Radeloff, Wired Magazine

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July 23, 2017
In South Bay, RVs Now a Symbol of Homelessness

In San Francisco and Oakland, tents are a symbol of the homeless problem. But in the Peninsula and South Bay, from Palo Alto to Mountain View to Gilroy, RVs have become that symbol.

TX Bill Limiting Local Spending Fuels City-State War
Texas Tribune

When state senators revive legislation on Saturday that could require voter approval of city and county property tax rates, lawmakers will also consider something new: limiting how much money local governments spend.

How A Budget Airline Is Driving Urbanization In Asia

We are now deep into an era of mass urbanization in the emerging markets of Asia. 200 million people have urbanized across the continent during the first decade of the 21st century, and it has been posited that this movement is just beginning.

Federal Policy Holds Back Sustainable Economic Growth
The American Conservative

There are few national solutions that can help all cities. There are, however, two federal policies holding back widespread business creation and concentrating economic power in fewer hands.

How Business Improvement Districts Help
Washington Post

The District has several business improvement districts (BIDs), as do Northern Virginia and suburban Maryland jurisdictions. Hundreds of BIDs operate in cities, towns and counties throughout the U.S. New York City has 74 BIDs. So what is the purpose of a BID?

Building an Inclusive Atlanta
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Gentrification seems scary and inevitable – a condition so complex that we are helpless in the face of it. We’re not. And in fact, what we need to do is really straightforward.

July 20, 2017
The Paris Model for Urban Problem-Solving
Brookings Institution

The aftermath to the Trump administration’s recent withdrawal from the Paris agreement revealed some tantalizing possibilities of the new domestic and global order.

The Emergence Of The Cyber-Safe Building
The Urban Developer

The increase in IoT-enabled devices and interconnectivity between various building management systems prompts larger questions about cybersecurity and data privacy concerns. These challenges are hardly new, but they are magnified in an IoT-connected world.

Builders Start Pre-Wiring Homes for Wi-Fi

The task of installing wireless routers has long been left to homeowners. Now, however, builders are taking home Wi-Fi to the next level by including access points in their homes from the get-go.

How to Teach Civic Leadership
Otis White

If I could change things in cities . . . well, the list would be long. But one item in the top 10 would be making community leadership programs better at doing what they set out to do—train people in civic leadership.

The Suburbs Will Save New York City, and the Region
New York Daily News

To compete effectively for jobs and investment, the New York region will have to accommodate 3.7 million new residents over the next 20 years. Yet alarmingly, our ability to meet this challenge is in grave doubt, because of stunting forces in and outside New York City.

July 19, 2017
L.A. Should Tax Land, Not Development
Los Angeles Times

To address Los Angeles’ housing crisis, Mayor Eric Garcetti has proposed a “linkage fee” on new development. This proposal is well-intentioned. Given our politics, and the realities of Proposition 13, it might be the best L.A. can do. But we should try for better.

Getting to Yes with YIMBY in LA
Lisa Schweitzer

From what I can tell in my interviews with anti-displacement advocates, they in general don’t buy that YIMBY advocacy has their concerns covered. And they do have some credible reasons for holding out, and those are worth discussing.

Suburban Poverty Is Now Affecting Housing Markets

Poverty is something most Americans don’t like to think much about. When they do focus on it, images of rural shacks or dilapidated neighborhoods in crime-ridden cities usually come to mind. Except that’s no longer quite so accurate.


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