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In Mexico we occupy streets in a very particular manner—it may seem chaotic, but it is actually very complex and organized.

Frida Escobedo, Architectural Digest

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March 19, 2017
Black Peds at Higher Hit Risk Than Whites at Crosswalks
Insurance Journal

Motorists approaching mid-block crosswalks are less likely to yield for black pedestrians than white pedestrians and the pedestrian bias is apparently even worse in high-income than low-income neighborhoods, according to a new study out of the University of Nevada.

Podcast: Mobility In The Age Of Trump
CommonWealth Magazine

For all the attention paid to the new administration since President Trump was inaugurated, it remains an enigma to advocates across the spectrum of services reliant on government support, perhaps none more perplexed than transportation advocates.

Value Capture for Infrastructure Harder Than It Seems
The Conversation

Is “value capture” a wonderful untapped opportunity to fulfil all our infrastructure dreams? Our new report casts a cold, hard gaze over value capture, and finds that it’s a good tax in theory, but will prove very hard to put into practice.

Budget Puts Trump’s Infrastructure Promises in Doubt
New York Times

President Trump’s budget was billed as a blueprint for acting on campaign pledges, but neglected in his cascade of spending cuts to federal agencies and largess for the military and border protection was one of his biggest promises: infrastructure.

Trump’s Infra Plans Avoid Existing Federal Agencies

The White House budget proposed Thursday strips infrastructure funding from federal agencies to divert funds to a forthcoming executive branch infrastructure plan, according to Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Why Seattle Spends Most Per Capita on Transit
Seattle Times

Even before the passage of Sound Transit 3, the Seattle area was spending more, per capita, on new transit projects than any city in the country, according to data compiled by the Federal Transit Administration. We take a look at why.

Activists Speak Out Against Portland Freeway Expansion

The thought of our regional public transit agency advocating for urban freeway expansions — including one in Portland’s central city — does not sit well with many transportation reform activists.

Companies Have Different Timelines For Self-Driving Cars

Carmakers and suppliers gave widely differing timelines for the introduction of self-driving vehicles on Thursday, showing the uncertainties surrounding the technology as well as a split between cautious established players and bullish new entrants.

March 16, 2017
Budget Privatizes Air Traffic Control, Cuts Rail Funding
Washington Post

President Trump is seeking to shift one of the federal government’s most vital safety functions — making sure airplanes reach their destinations safely — outside government hands, according to his new budget proposal.

Trump’s Budget Hits Transit Hard
The Transport Politic

In spite of previous statements in favor of a major infrastructure bill and support for transit, Donald Trump’s budget proposal would decimate the federal government’s commitment to aiding cities build new transit lines.

Making a Good Budget Great

Trump calls this the “America First” budget. What it really is is a “Federal Funding Last” budget, as Trump proposes to devolve to state and local governments and private parties a number of programs now funded by the feds.

Busting the Myth of the “Scofflaw Cyclist”
Streetsblog U.S.A.

According to a certain perspective that seems to hold sway among local newspaper columnists, bicyclists are reckless daredevils who flout the road rules that everyone else faithfully upholds. But the results of a massive survey point to a different conclusion.

High-Speed Train Bill Could Stall Florida Rail
Palm Beach Post

The day after All Aboard Florida’s Brightline welcomed the second train in its growing fleet, officials with the private rail venture said a proposed bill regulating high-speed trains could threaten its expansion to Orlando and other points across the state.

March 15, 2017
Las Vegas Officials Seek State Permission for Light Rail
Las Vegas Sun

State and local government officials presented a legislative plan Tuesday laying the groundwork to build a multibillion-dollar light rail system to link McCarran International Airport with the Las Vegas Strip.


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