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Any time data feeds a predictive model, the human biases and structural discrimination embedded in that data can be perpetuated, creating a vicious cycle given credence by technology and statistics.

Katharine Schwab, Fast Company Design

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April 26, 2017
Urbanization Costs 5B Years of Evolutionary History

60% of the land surface which is expected to be urban by 2030 is currently not built on at all. How this will impact on biological diversity will only be apparent in retrospect – but some researchers have new information now.

Automated Vehicle Technologies Project Vision Document
Transportation Research Board

The Iowa Department of Transportation has released a report that details the department’s vision for its role in the future transportation environment, including the creation of an environment where automated driving and advanced transportation technologies can thrive in Iowa.

Near-Highway Exposure to Particles and Cardiovascular Diseases
International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health (abstract)

Ultrafine particle (UFP) concentrations are elevated near busy roadways, however, their effects on prevalence of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and hypertension are not well understood.

Rethinking Urban Schools in the 21st Century
Urban Policy & Research (abstract)

During the twentieth century, the shaping of a “community within a community” that informed liberal educational thought materialised in campus-style schools that were exempt from planning laws, contributed to sprawl, and duplicated facilities provided by local authorities.

Effectiveness of Transit Oriented Development in Reducing Car Use
Urban Policy & Research (abstract)

A transit oriented development (TOD) approach for Perth, Western Australia has been employed as one means of reducing car dependency. Planning for Subiaco Station precinct, one of the first Perth TOD precincts, commenced two decades ago. Has the project been effective?

High-Density Intensified Housing Developments in Asia
Journal of Urban Design (abstract)

This paper highlights the key considerations and trends in the development of new urban spaces in the context of high-density, high-intensity residential urban environments in Asia.

April 25, 2017
Improving Planning By Gender Analysis
Regional Studies (abstract)

This paper proposes a way to assess the gender situation at the local level and, thus, to help enhance gender equality.

The Politics Of Learning From A Small City
Regional Studies (abstract)

This paper examines aspects of Jokowi’s political journey that speak to urban/regional studies debates on the politics of inter-municipal learning.

Direct Democracy and the Level and Structure of Local Taxes
Regional Science & Urban Economics (abstract)

We study the effect of direct democracy on local taxation. Our setting is the German federal state of Bavaria, where in 1995 a state-wide reform introduced the possibility to initiate direct democratic legislation into the local government code.

The Representational Geographies of New Urbanism
Journal of Urbanism (abstract)

This paper seeks to contribute to our geographical understanding of New Urbanism as an important reform movement by exploring its representational rather than physical experience within the United States.

Density and Urban Goods Movement Externalities
Journal of Urbanism (abstract)

This study examines the impacts of replacing passenger travel for shopping with delivery service over a broader set of externalities in both urban and rural communities.

April 20, 2017
The Health Benefits of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
Chicago Policy Review

The implementation of a carbon cap and trade program is often put forward by policy makers as a potential market-based solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in the United States. But the Northeastern states already did this themselves.

Does State Spending For Higher Education Help?
Regional Science Policy & Practice (abstract)

This research uses panel Granger causal models to consider not only the conventional belief but also the opposite possibility – that increases in economic performance cause increases in US state spending for higher education.

Gender, Class, Race, and Space in Rotterdam’s Future
Cities (abstract)

Rotterdam policy makers, entrepreneurs, economists and politicians have been departing from its industrial, masculine and working class heritage and investing in what is commonly referred to as a post-industrial economy: one of consumption and services.

April 19, 2017
Representational Geographies of New Urbanism in the U.S.
Journal of Urbanism (abstract)

This paper seeks to contribute to our geographical understanding of New Urbanism as an important reform movement by exploring its representational rather than physical experience within the United States.

Modelling of Motorized Two Wheelers
Transport Reviews (abstract)

Motorised two-wheeler (MTW) has emerged as the most widely used transportation mode for short distance trips in many Asian and European countries because of its affordable price and flexibility in manoeuvring through traffic.

April 18, 2017
Practices for Evaluating Transit’s Economic Impacts
Transportation Research Board

TRB’s TCRP Synthesis 128: Practices for Evaluating the Economic Impacts and Benefits of Transit provides state-of-the-practice information for transit agencies to help them in incorporating economic benefits and impacts into their decision-making processes,

Well-Kept Vacant Lots Can Reduce Crime
Michigan State University

Maintaining the yards of vacant properties helps reduce crime rates in urban neighborhoods, indicates a new study that’s the most comprehensive to date.


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