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In Mexico we occupy streets in a very particular manner—it may seem chaotic, but it is actually very complex and organized.

Frida Escobedo, Architectural Digest

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March 26, 2017
White Families Drawn To Less-Diverse Neighborhoods
University of Southern California

Racial segregation is declining, but it remains higher for families with children than those without, a new study shows. Race appears to be a ‘proxy’ for school quality for many white families with children as they decide where and in which school districts they want to live.

Mobile Apps and Crowd-Sourcing Bike Data
Transportation Research Board

The Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida has released a report that identifies barriers to implementing open-source software that collects data of bicycle infrastructure.

Using Big Data To Manage Traffic Incidents
Iowa State University

Traffic researchers are developing technology that will take the huge amounts of data collected by the Iowa Department of Transportation, sort through it all and identify problems. The goal is early detection of traffic incidents and better traffic management.

Thinking Problematically about the City
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research (abstract)

In the context of debates about the epistemological and ontological coherence of concepts of critical urban studies, we argue that urban concepts should be conceptualized problematically.

Representing Urban Shrinkage
Cities (abstract)

How are shrinking cities perceived by scholars, policymakers and citizens in different national contexts, and how do their discourses affect the nation’s policies toward those cities?

March 23, 2017
School Quality And Renter and Owner Housing
Real Estate Economics (abstract)

Residential property amenities including school quality should be capitalized into both rent and property sale prices. Evidence of price and rent premiums for higher school quality is provided.

How Neighborhoods Influence Health
Health & Place (abstract)

This paper articulates how political ecology can be a useful tool for asking fundamental questions and applying relevant methods to investigate structures that impact relationship between neighborhood and health.

New Bus and Rail Systems: An International Review
Transport Reviews (abstract)

Cities worldwide are implementing modern transit systems to improve mobility in increasingly congested metro areas. Despite much research on the effects of such systems, a comparison of effects across transit modes and countries has not been studied comprehensively.

March 22, 2017
Walkability and Mobility of Older Adults in Finland
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (abstract)

The aim was to study objectively assessed walkability of the environment and participant perceived environmental facilitators for outdoor mobility as predictors of physical activity in older adults with and without physical limitations.

Foreign Real Estate Investment on Land Prices
Review of Development Economics (abstract)

Using a panel dataset comprising price, quantity and other information for a variety of luxury villas and apartments, we show that the price of land paid by locals has been pushed up by a modest 4–22% in total as a result of these developments.

Public Health Influencing Urban Planning Policy
Urban Policy & Research (abstract)

Human health requires the proper development and management of places through urban planning. This paper demonstrates how concerns for human health can become explicit matters for consideration in urban planning policy systems.

March 20, 2017
The State’s Role in Shaping Housing Aspirations
Housing, Theory & Society (abstract)

This paper is to be read as one half of a twofold analysis of recent qualitative research on the housing aspirations of the people of Scotland, focusing specifically on the dimension of housing tenure.

Tweeting In Times Of Emergency
Inderscience Publishers

US researchers have assessed the impact of Twitter on the reach and efficacy of information sharing by a global disaster response organization, the Red Cross/Red Crescent.

Quantifying, Visualizing Jobs-Housing Balance With Big Data
Cities (abstract)

Existing jobs-housing balance studies have relied heavily if not solely on small data. Via a case study of Shanghai, this study shows how cellular network data can be processed to derive useful information for those studies.

Effects of Driving Restrictions on Travel Behavior
Journal of Urban Economics (abstract)

Using the 2010 Beijing Household Travel Survey data, we find that driving restrictions have significant effects on auto trip frequency and thus vehicle miles traveled, suggesting substitution toward other modes.

March 19, 2017
‘Deciding Not To Decide’: Planning’s New Challenge
European Planning Studies (abstract)

This article examines how the policy-maker’s ‘decision not to decide’ affects different levels of internal organization and how it is reflected in the residential patterns of different population groups.

European Intermodal Freight Transport Network
Journal of Transport Geography (abstract)

The analysis of market structure and concentration measures for the Intermodal Freight Transport market is important to avoid market failure and to find the areas for policy making to promote IFT market share.

Managing Australia’s Density Transition
International Planning Studies (abstract)

This paper explores the transition towards the compact city model in Australia, which has become the orthodoxy of metropolitan planning in the last two decades.

March 16, 2017
Researcher Wants to Transform Your Commute

Commuters frustrated with costly private taxi or car-sharing services and inconvenient public buses or subways may one day have another alternative: an urban transit system that uses a “hub-and-spoke” model with shared shuttles.

Can Hospitals Defy Tradition to Uplift Communities?
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Hospitals and health systems are well-positioned to invest resources in creating healthier communities. A few are already leading the way and what they have learned could help rethink the role hospitals can play improving health outside their walls.

Development-Led Planning in a Plan-Led Planning System
European Planning Studies (abstract)

Planning systems are generally divided into plan-led and development-led systems. However, it is quite common that the planning practice follows development-led planning although the planning system would structurally be plan-led.

March 15, 2017
Advancing Multimodal Mobility and Best Practices Workshop
Transportation Research Board

The U.S. DOT’s Smart City Challenge and the Federal Transit Administration’s Mobility on Demand Sandbox: Advancing Multimodal Mobility and Best Practices Workshop features presentations and dialogue from a January 8 workshop at the TRB Annual Meeting.

City Living Can Make Asthma Worse For Poor Children
Johns Hopkins Medicine

Results of a new study using US national data add to evidence that living in inner cities can worsen asthma in poor children. They also document persistent racial/ethnic disparities in asthma.


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