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It’s not that everything is going to be gentrified because of transit — that’s not what we’re arguing. But in Los Angeles, you have the highest possibility of gentrification near stations than in other areas.

Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, UCLA Magazine Online

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March 5, 2017
Will Diesel Cars Be Worthless in 5 Years?
The Guardian

Sales are falling. Older cars are facing bans. Next week’s budget could see taxes slapped on. We explore the future for the owners of these high-polluting vehicles.

London Fog Lessons Could Save Millions Today
Climate Change News

Air pollution is one of the world’s biggest killers. Peter Thorsheim looks back at the resistance, disinformation and solutions that emerged from the London fog.

CEQA An Obstacle Housing in California
San Diego Union-Tribune

By 2050, San Diego’s regional population will increase from 3.14 million to 4.07 million. Planners and environmentalists agree that infill development is the optimal way to absorb this increase. But there’s one law that’s getting in the way.

Denver To Vote On Rooftop Garden Requirement
Denver Post

Denver’s status as one of the nation’s most intense urban heat islands has spurred a group of activists to propose a “green roofs” ballot initiative — a measure that could animate environmentalists while mobilizing developers to fight it.

We Only Spend 5% Of Our Days Outside

At a time when more than half of all humans live in cities, the influence of the natural world is at a low ebb, while our understanding of its importance keeps growing.

March 2, 2017
DOE’s Loan Guarantee Program Should
Brookings Institution

Some of the U.S.’s needed infrastructure is energy-related, such as transmission lines, electricity storage, power and industrial carbon capture systems, nuclear facilities, fuel-efficient vehicle manufacturing and electric car charging stations. So, why not start there?

Stuttgart Residents Sue Over Pollution
The Guardian

To highlight the dangerous air quality in the German city, which breached EU limits 25 times in January, two neighbours lodged a criminal complaint against city officials. Popular resistance to Stuttgart’s pollution problem is growing.

Climate Change Losses in European Urban Areas

A new study that assesses potential future climate damage to major European coastal cities if, as currently, global carbon emissions continue to track the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s worst emission scenario.

The Future Of Urban Farming Might Be Suburban
Fast Company Coexist

After dealing with the high costs and logistical nightmares of developing in urban areas, one farming startup realized that they could streamline their process by moving just a bit outside the city limits.

Is The Cure For Anxiety, Depression Outside?

For two decades, Florence Williams could sit on her porch at night and watch the alpenglow on the Rocky Mountains. Then she moved from remote Colorado to Washington, D.C., and started noticing the changes.

March 1, 2017
Remembering NYC When Smog Could Kill
New York Times

Once upon a time, you could touch the air in New York. It was that filthy. No sensible person would put a toe in most of the waterways.

Will Burning Lakes Make Bangalore Uninhabitable?
The Guardian

The illegal dumping of waste mixed with mass untreated sewage in India’s Silicon Valley is creating a water crisis which threatens residents’ health – and is causing the city’s famous lakes to catch fire.

S.F. To Require New Buildings To Be ‘Electric Vehicle Ready’

San Francisco has not been shy to use its building codes to try to accelerate the deployment of sustainable energy. Last year, it required new buildings to have solar panels installed on the roof and this year, it will try to accommodate electric vehicles by using a similar approach.

UBC Develops Sensors to Monitor Urban Gas Emissions
UBC Science

In a paper published today in Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, UBC researchers share a novel method they developed to map carbon dioxide emissions— the most important greenhouse gas emitted from cities—directly at street level.

Cities Can’t Lead on Climate Change Mitigation
The Bulletin

The Paris Agreement was a watershed moment for participation by cities in global climate change policy. Groups throughout civil society – NGOs, local governments, newspapers – celebrated the policy. But there is a two-part problem with this celebration.

Advancing Environmental Justice Through the OneNYC Plan

We explain the logic behind the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance’s policy and advocacy work to strengthen their local government’s climate-change adaptation efforts in response to particular risks affecting low-income neighborhoods and communities of color.

How to Steal a River
New York Times

To feed an enormous building boom, India’s relentless sand miners have devastated the waterways that make life there possible.


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