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It’s not that everything is going to be gentrified because of transit — that’s not what we’re arguing. But in Los Angeles, you have the highest possibility of gentrification near stations than in other areas.

Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, UCLA Magazine Online

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March 9, 2017
Baltimore Using Sustainable Development Goals for Justice

Academics and advocates in Baltimore are seeking to use the new global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), of which the United States is a signatory, as leverage to create stronger systems of accountability in the city

March 8, 2017
Stockholm Goes Green

Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, has garnered over seven million euros of EU money and become a leading example of how to do “smart”.

Is Zero Emissions Realistic for Urbanizing Asia?
Brink News

A rapid expansion of the construction industry in the Asia-Pacific region has focused attention on the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from buildings. Can this be accomplished?

March 7, 2017
Healthy Buildings Movement Gets A Boost
The Urban Developer

The partnership between the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) is set to have a rapid impact on both planetary and public health.

Climate Activists Pitch Mandatory Green Roofs for Denver
Next City

In Summer, Denver gets hot — but a new initiative would require that many new buildings have green roofs to mitigate that heat. Critics of the policy, however, say the city should incentivize, not require, the so-called “living roofs.”

Mr. Trash Wheel Cleans Up Baltimore Harbor
Strong Towns

There’s a viral video about Baltimore’s Mr. Trash Wheel. The wheel itself is a clever piece of engineering, but perhaps the even better story is how a city came to love this device and anthropomorphize it as one of their own adorable citizens.

Chinese City Wants to Pump Water From Siberia

The northwest Chinese city of Lanzhou has a serious water shortage problem. To address the issue, its urban planners have sketched out an ambitious plan to deliver water from Siberia’s Lake Baikal to the city along a 1,000-mile-long pipeline.

Chicago To Host Urban Waterways Forum Next Week

The Chicago River and Lake Michigan will take center stage next week, when mayors from around the world descend on the city for an international conversation on the future of urban waterways.

Smug Environmentalism Doesn’t Save Towns

Every time floods hit the town Conway on the banks of the Arkansas River, water fills the streets. University of Arkansas engineer Marty Matlock is part of the team saving Conway. Below, he explains why local problems require local solutions.

March 6, 2017
CA Needs More Density To Meet Climate Goals
Los Angeles Times

To meet the bold new climate change goals, California will put millions of electric cars on the road, revolutionize its dairy industry and generate half of all power from renewable sources. But those efforts will come up short, without dramatic changes to how Californians live.

Vehicle Standards Are Too Valuable To Roll Back

The Trump administration is reportedly launching a rollback of vehicle efficiency standards that greatly benefit the US economy. These standards save consumers money, create jobs, help reduce US reliance on foreign oil, and lower carbon emissions.

We Should’ve Never Tried Diesel Cars
City Metric

I am sure that that within a few decades we will look back on diesel cars in the same way we view cigarettes and asbestos insulation. Future generations will ask how something so toxic to public health and to the environment could have been allowed to be pumped into our air.

Doess Climate Change Cause Mexico City’s Water Problems?
Aaron M. Renn

Mexico City is a megacity of 21.2 million people, making it roughly the size of greater New York. It’s also a mile and a half above sea level on a former lake bed in a valley among the surrounding mountains. With this situation, is the city’s problem really climate change?

San Diego’s Greenhouse Gas Policy Makes a Difference
San Diego Union-Tribune

Will San Diego summers be noticeably cooler as a result of the regional efforts to limit vehicle emissions? No, global warming is more, well, global. Are we able to quantify reductions in greenhouse gases as a result of certain policies? This answer is a resounding yes.

The Roles of Nature and History in Urban Development
London School of Economics

Why do people live where they do, whether in the world as a whole or within a given country? Why are some places so densely populated and some so empty? In daily life, we take this variation in density as a matter of course, but in many ways it can be quite puzzling.

Stockholm Mayor Takes on Climate Change

“Leadership is really important when you want to make things happen,” said Karin Wanngård, who has run Sweden’s capital city since 2014. “You can always have politicians making nice speeches but when it comes to action you need to have leadership.”

Place-Based Tax Reduction in Detroit
Chicago Policy Review

State and local policymakers have increasingly turned to place-based financial policies to combat poverty, with the aim to spur redevelopment. Has that worked for Detroit?


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