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This city really is made up of renters. But we’re not part of the conversation; we don’t get included

Zachary DeWolf, Next City

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February 27, 2017
February 26, 2017
Jan Gehl Gave Us Great Cities, But What’s Next?
Financial Review

Jan Gehl collaborated with others the world over – with differing levels of success – to give postwar modernist cities with wide streets and flat parking lots a human touch. But what’s next in his vision of the urban future?

February 23, 2017
Austin Council Still Puzzled About CodeNEXT
Austin Monitor

Most City Council members still don’t know what to make of the first draft of CodeNEXT, the long-anticipated overhaul of the city’s zoning code that was first unveiled late last month.

Systemic Approach of Urban Resilience
International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development (abstract)

Understanding the universality of complex systems order, which characterizes living systems, and which modernist city planning has violated, would allow planning more resilient cities.

February 22, 2017
February 21, 2017
Planning Factions: CEDers, Suburbanists and YIMBYs

Every profession has its factions. Someone can make it to the top of their profession by sticking strictly to one aspect of it, while another can reach an equally high position by adhering to a completely different aspect. Urbanism is no different.

Built Environment Policies to Reduce VMT
State Smart Transportation Initiative

As part of a larger 2015 project for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, SSTI investigated the influence of six built environment variables on passenger vehicle miles traveled.

February 20, 2017
Using Urban Diaries in Times of City Change
Huffington Post

Almost 50 years ago, the Parisian flâneur tradition of “looking around” cities became a central aspect of academic inquiry about, and activist response to, urban change. How can urban diaries influence effective city planning and development outcomes?

February 16, 2017
A Great Idea: Tactical Urbanism

The latest trend in urban design and planning gets them off of the paper and out of a big room, testing ideas in the real world. It is fun and hands-on, and making many converts.

Citywide Planning Battle Raging in L.A.
Next City

A proposition on the March 7 citywide ballot seeks to tame Los Angeles once and for all. The battle over Measure S – also known as the “Neighborhood Integrity Initiative” – echoes many of the frustrations and fears that sent Donald Trump to the White House.

February 14, 2017
Living for the City: Jane Jacobs’s “Vital Little Plans”
L.A. Review of Books

I read most of Vital Little Plans: The Short Works of Jane Jacobs while riding the bus in Los Angeles. It was a fitting backdrop for Jacobs’s observations on the “physical-economic-ethical processes” that comprise a city.

Leadership in Urban and Regional Development
Regional Studies (abstract)

This editorial paves the way for the articles addressing several contemporary sub-national leadership experiences in England, Australia, Finland, China, the Netherlands, Norway, Estonia, Denmark and Sweden.

February 13, 2017
February 12, 2017
L.A. Planners Often Allow Developers To Break Code
Los Angeles Times

When a developer proposed a high-rise tower and a shopping center at the site last year, L.A. planning commissioners — appointees of Mayor Eric Garcetti — approved the project even though it was 10 times taller than existing rules allowed. And this is not uncommon.

Metro Planners Leaning In to Make Cities Great
MZ Strategies

Two new resources spotlight ways planners working at the regional and metropolitan level are “leaning-in” to solve complex social, environmental and economic issues through better use of data, improved collaboration, and a mix of innovation, tenacity and leadership.

February 9, 2017
NYC DOT Kicks Off Citywide Transit Plan
Streetsblog NYC

NYC DOT will be releasing a citywide transit plan in the fall, and between now and then, the agency is hosting a series of workshops to hear how New Yorkers want to improve transit service.

Compact Development Does Not Reduce VMT
Reason Foundation

A recent article in the Journal of the American Planning Association (JAPA) finds unlike earlier studies, compact development does not encourage people to drive less.


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