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February 27, 2017
Uber Is Making NYC Gridlock Worse
Streetsblog NYC

Uber, Lyft, and other app-based ride services are unequivocally worsening gridlock in the Manhattan core as well as northern Manhattan and the western parts of Queens and Brooklyn, according to a report released today by transportation analyst Bruce Schaller.

U.S. DOT Reevaluating Self-Driving Car Guidelines
The Hill

The head of the Transportation Department said that the new administration is reviewing federal guidelines for driverless cars, which were released for the first time under former President Obama.

Studies Launched for €13B 92km Rail Tunnel
Global Construction Review

Plans to build a 92km rail tunnel under the Gulf of Finland between Tallinn, Estonia and Helsinki in Finland have received a boost with the appointment of two consortiums to examine the feasibility of the scheme.

A Look At Germany’s Most Divisive Rail Project
Railway Technology

The radical redevelopment of Stuttgart’s central rail station was first announced in 1995, but the station project is still under construction today, with completion not expected until 2021 at the earliest.

The Future of Transportation in Los Angeles
Road and Track

In this 21st century, with hydrogen, electricity, and a renewed interest in public transit—no doubt spurred on by the crushing traffic congestion—the gasoline-swilling car is no longer the only way to get around. You know what? That’s not a bad thing. But what does it mean for L.A.?

Oakland’s Ped Safety Czar Wants to Rethink City Streets
Next City

It wasn’t walking in and of itself that drew Nicole Ferrara to her role as executive director of Walk San Francisco. It was the idea that walking and biking intersected with so many seemingly disparate issues she cared about in her personal and professional life.

Another Flawed Congestion Report From Inrix
City Observatory

Unfortunately, in this particular report, the traffic data firm has chosen to process, filter and present its data in a way that chiefly serves to generate heat, rather than shed any light on the nature, causes and solutions to urban traffic problems.

February 26, 2017
Mapping the Urban Bike Utopias of the 1890s
National Geographic

The popularity of cycling in cities around the country, advocates say, is an encouraging trend that reduces traffic congestion and air pollution and promotes healthful exercise. But it’s not exactly new.

GM Wants to Outlaw Self-Driving Car Competition

In December, the Michigan legislature adopted the SAVE Act pretending that its goal was to help get self-driving vehicles on Michigan’s roads as soon as possible. But don’t let appearances fool you: it’s actually shameless cronyism to protect the legacy automobile manufacturers.

Will Self-Driving Cars Kill Charlotte’s $6B Transit Bet?
Charlotte Observer

Within the next decade or so, Charlotte residents might be able to dart around the city using four light rail lines and a streetcar, under a $6 billion vision. But could they choose to take self-driving cars instead?

TX Accelerates Houston I-45 Improvement Project
Houston Chronicle

For many long-suffering Houston drivers, a solution to the infuriating bottleneck on Interstate 45 through downtown is likely something they thought they wouldn’t live to see.

Uber Is Doomed

After a month marked by one disaster after another, it’s hard to see how Uber’s defiant, confrontational attitude hasn’t blown up in its face. And those disasters mask one key, critical issue: Uber is doomed because it can’t actually make money.

February 23, 2017
Eminent Domain At Heart of Texas Bullet Train Dispute
Dallas Morning News

Two years ago, a small band of Republican lawmakers tried to change state law to kill a private firm’s bid to build the nation’s first high-speed rail line in Texas. The efforts failed, but those closely watching Texas Central Partners’ bullet train knew the war wasn’t over.

In Atlanta, Transit Service Lags Behind a Booming Population
Streetsblog U.S.A.

Since 2000, the Atlanta region has grown by more than 1.5 million people, or over 25 percent, but transit service is not keeping up. Both rail and bus ridership on MARTA, the major regional transit provider, have fallen dramatically in recent years.

Lawmakers Try to Derail Houston-Dallas Bullet Train
Dallas Morning News

The Texas bullet train project is moving ahead, hitting milestones and keeping alive the audacious promise of a 90-minute train ride between Dallas and Houston. But yet again, a big potential roadblock has emerged in Austin.


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