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February 15, 2017
Could Polluted Road Help Fix London’s Air?
The Guardian

Marylebone Road has the odd distinction of being the world’s most studied road in terms of air pollution – yet remains a chief culprit in London’s ‘shameful’ air quality. Now it’s home to a series of new experiments.

How Do You Keep a Hot City Cool?
City Metric

The recent spate of heatwaves through eastern Australia has reminded us we’re in an Australian summer. On top of another record hot year globally, and as heatwaves become more frequent and intense, our cities are making us even hotter.

February 14, 2017
Is The U.S.’s Most Polluted City Getting Worse?
The Guardian

In California’s Central Valley emissions from oil refineries and agriculture make Bakersfield America’s most air-polluted city. Activists fear the Trump administration could undo small but steady improvements.

We Need to Value Parks For The 21st Century
The Guardian

Our green spaces are shrinking, despite all the benefits they give us. If we want to save them, we need to value the ecosystem and health and wellbeing services they offer.

Louisville Faith Groups Helping Beat the Urban Heat

Environmental and spiritual leaders are teaming up to help some of Louisville’s heat-fighting strategies take root in vulnerable neighborhoods — and to better align preaching and teaching with the city’s environmental needs.

February 13, 2017
Good Design Is Sustainable
The Dirt

While a certain level of ecological sustainability may be achieved by adhering to a checklist of environmental best practices, long-term sustainability is achieved by engaging broader cultural, economic, and socio-economic goals.

Five Lawyers Take On China Over Smog
The Guardian

In an unprecedented legal case, a group of Chinese lawyers have charged the governments of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei with failing to protect their citizens from air pollution, which is linked to a third of all deaths in the country.

Electric Buses Now Cheaper Than Diesel

Transit vehicles today are mostly powered by gasoline, diesel, and CNG, while batteries only represent about 1% of the market. It is currently a small part of the industry, but it’s also the fastest growing fuel source in the sector and it’s starting to become highly competitive.

Can Tech Save Urban Transport?
Brink News

After a century of relatively small incremental progress, disruptive changes in the world of automotive technology could have fundamental implications for sustainability. What are these megatrends, and how can they reshape the future of urban mobility?

Should London Ban ‘Dirty Diesel’?
New Statesman

Smog is hanging over many of the world’s cities, looking exactly how it makes asthmatics feel – as though it’s suffocating everyone.

February 12, 2017
Miami Brings in Dutch Engineer to Keep City Dry
Miami Herald

Henk Ovink, once the man in charge of making sure the flood-prone Netherlands stays dry, has been dispatched by his government to help the world figure out how to cope with sea level rise. Today, he’s on a three-day tour of southern Florida.

California’s State Water Project: An Introduction
Let's Go L.A.

Many people know, conceptually, that much of the water we use in SoCal comes from northern California, but are not familiar with Oroville or the State Water Project. So, here’s a brief introduction to what the State Water Project (SWP) is.

Milwaukee Mayor Unveils Green Infrastructure Plan
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Mayor Tom Barrett unveiled plans this week to transform a vacant lot next to the Fondy Farmers Market into a storm water park and gathering space for local residents.

How IoT, Smart Cities Can Be Sustainable
The Information Age

Meeting sustainability goals in cities requires completely new concepts for urban mobility and the sustainable use of resources – in other words, the evolution of a city into a smart city.

Climate Change Fight Will Be Fought in Cities
Thomson Reuters Foundation

With two-thirds of the world population due to be living in cities by 2050, climate action taken by urban officials and residents is increasingly important.


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