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Category Archives: Environment & Ecology

July 14, 2016
Capturing Water Before It Runs Off
Urban Land Institute

No longer is it practical to simply let stormwater drain into the ocean. Problems as diverse as drought, overflowing sewer pipes, and beach closures due to pollution have prompted new regulations and the need for new approaches. Any developer wanting to build in Los Angeles nowadays needs to have a stormwater plan.

July 13, 2016
Aging Central Park in Search of $300 Million
New York Times

Central Park this summer may seem a bucolic oasis, and it is widely considered one of the nation’s most successful urban parks. Yet beneath the surface, experts say, it is suffering the debilitating effects of time and modern use, and it will decay further unless its historic structures and landscapes are restored.

Tampa Developer Goes Underground for Open Rooftops
Tampa Bay Times

Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinik wants to have bars, restaurants and dog parks on rooftops with unobstructed views in downtown Tampa. The first steps to achieve that will happen underground.

Is a Deal Coming to Save CA’s Cap-and-Trade?
California High Speed Rail Blog

Today, the California Air Resources Board issued its draft regulations to extend the cap-and-trade program beyond 2020. It would include various technical changes, including closer links to Ontario cap-and-trade system.

July 12, 2016
London Mayor Unveils Clean-Air Plan

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has unveiled a sweeping action plan for cleansing the city’s filthy air. A publication called blue & green tomorrow reports that the proposals represent “the biggest crackdown by any major city around the world.”

Edinburgh’s Pop-Up Pavilion Raises Water Awareness

The Rotterdam Watershed pop-up pavilion collects rainwater in a “playful manner” in order to illustrate innovative ways cities can acclimate to wet weather. The pavilion is capturing rain in Edinburgh as part of the annual Pop-Up Cities Expo, but it could be used in any city to help cope with the water issues caused by […]

New Book Explores Hidden Value of Urban Weeds

New York City landscape architect David Seiter is on a mission to emphasize the aesthetic and environmental benefits of what he calls “spontaneous urban plants” — what most of us call weeds.

July 11, 2016
Imagine an L.A. Freeway Ending in an Eco-Smart Park
Los Angeles Times

There are two ways you can look at the long spur of the 2 Freeway as it descends into Silver Lake. You can see it as the abandoned beginning of a long-planned connection between the 5 and the 101, shaking your fist at the gaps that remain in the L.A. freeway network. Or you can […]

Amazon Planting New Roots in Seattle
Boston Globe

Just off a remote stretch of road, near wineries, horse stables, and farms, Amazon is secretly growing something, but it’s not what Jeff Bezos, its chief executive, calls the “tiny seeds” that could become the company’s next big businesses.

CA’s Carbon Cap & Trade Should Continue
Environmental and Urban Economics

While I think that the California bullet train should be scrapped, I support extending California’s cap & trade program. ABC News reports that Governor Brown faces a challenge in having it renewed. The logic is straightforward.

The Extreme Weather Defense Nobody Wants

After Hurricane Sandy ruined the home in Breezy Point, Queens, that Diane Hellriegel’s father built 60 years ago, she decided to rebuild with concrete. “If another Sandy comes,” she told me, “it’ll be the only house standing.”

NYC Businesses Lived Up to Waste Reduction Challenge
Huffington Post

Over the course of five months, more than 30 major businesses in New York City managed to cut in half the amount of trash they churn out ― making the huge, humming metropolis a little less wasteful.

July 10, 2016
The Confusion About Cap-And-Trade
Streetsblog CA

A recent article in Cal Matters described “a scathing bipartisan scolding” by state lawmakers of the California Air Resources Board “over a lack of transparency” with the cap-and-trade program. But transparency may not be the main problem here.

Los Angeles River to See 11-Mile Redesign

Long known for its cement basin, the Los Angeles River will soon see a redevelopment that will make the river function more like a park and less like an aqueduct.

100% Renewable Energy Target is Remaking L.A.
Clean Technica

California is actively leading in several areas of society, with policies promoting more responsible societal thoughts and actions — and revolutionizing energy generation city by city.

July 7, 2016
Why Urban Wildlife is Thriving in Berlin

Berlin might seem like a concrete jungle, but the metropolis has more biodiversity than you’d expect. What is it about Berlin that attracts wild foxes, raccoons, boars and the largest number of birds in all of Germany?


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