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I should note our sidewalks are inequitably distributed in this country. Fewer than half of the low-income communities in this country have sidewalks, so we need to be paying attention to that at the local level, and we have to think about how technology relates to this as well.

Secretary Foxx, Car and Driver

Category Archives: Environment & Ecology

October 25, 2016
Green Bonds Take Root in U.S. Municipal Bond Market
Brookings Institution

The $3.7 trillion municipal bond market provides an unparalleled opportunity for green investments, and it appears that U.S. states and local governments are embracing this opportunity with unmitigated enthusiasm.

Can We Build Cities That Think Like A Planet?

How resilient will our vast urban agglomerations — called “mega-regions” — be to rising sea levels or changing storm patterns? How much damage do cities do to the environment and the “services,” like clean water, it provides human civilization?

Rotterdam is Pioneering a Food Revolution
Produce Business UK

Rotterdam is proactive in planning for a future where the city will have to re-shape its supply and demand for produce. Produce Business UK speaks to the city’s food cluster project manater Sharon Janmaat-Bouw ahead of her seminar at The Amsterdam Produce Show and Conference.

Creating Resilient Cities with Living Infrastructure

Extreme weather and natural disasters like bushfires, storms, floods and cyclones can have a devastating impact on communities and public infrastructure. How can plants and living infrastructure play a role in mitigating this change and help to create more climate resilient cities?

October 24, 2016
50 Steps Toward Carbon-Free Transportation
Frontier Group

America’s transport system has emerged as Climate Enemy #1, with vehicles now representing the nation’s largest source of carbon pollution, and America producing more transportation carbon pollution per capita than any other major industrialized nation. There is hope, however.

How Driverless Cars Can Reduce Pollution
The Hill

Environmental advocates warn that decreasing greenhouse gas emissions can only be achieved if driverless cars are rolled out alongside a smart, public policy approach.

Whatever the Weather: A Guide to Resilient Design
City Parks Blog

The guide “includes numerous case studies and resources demonstrating multi-benefit systems as well as the small-scale solutions that fit within those. The guide also explains landscape architects’ role in the planning and design teams helping to make communities more resilient.”

Chicago Proposal Would Make River the City’s Backyard
Chicago Tribune

Chicago’s lakefront is a triumph of city planning — the preservation of the city’s chief physical asset for use by the public instead of by factories and private homes. It’s the city’s front yard. Until recently, the Chicago River has not received the same loving attention.

Building Urban Science to Achieve the New Urban Agenda
The Nature of Cities

The New Urban Agenda, being adopted at Habitat III, requires a coherent and legible global urban scientific community to provide expertise to direct and assess progress on urban sustainability transformations. Here are some recommendations.

October 23, 2016
Why WA Progressives Can’t Fix Climate and Housing
Smart Growth Seattle

There is a problem with the housing and climate change discussion in Seattle. For some reason, there is a stubborn resistance to following the path toward a logical housing and environmental policy because “politics.” But what are the politics?

Oakland Publishes Playbook for a Resilient Future
Next City

Conversations about urban resilience tend to center on the coming impacts of climate change, and especially sea level rise. There’s good reason for it; but for Oakland — which is also at risk of flooding — climate change is not at all the only threat to its long-term sustainability.

October 20, 2016
World’s Mayors Ask Banks to Back Local Resilience Projects
Next City

The world is already investing billions of dollars on infrastructure, climate resilience and sustainability. But mayors want to know: why aren’t more of those dollars invested directly in cities, which are on the front lines of both problems and solutions to all of the above?


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