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February 27, 2017
Amsterdam Is Flooding, On Purpose

Widened canals—and underground bike parking—will bring the city’s Central Station a little closer to nature and history.

February 26, 2017
Communicating the Health Risks Of Climate Change
The Dirt

Given only about one-third of Americans are environmentalists, framing climate change as a health problem first and foremost could help spur more action. Everyone is concerned with the health of their communities and children.

EPA, E. Chicago Mayor Clash Over Contaminated Complex
Indiana Public Media

A lead-contaminated public housing complex in East Chicago, Indiana could soon become a lead-contaminated vacant lot – and if local and federal officials can’t resolve a key dispute, it might stay that way for a long time.

Can Greenways Reduce Chicago’s Crime?

An in-depth study of Chicago neighborhoods in 2011 and 2015 suggests that parks and greenways could play a role in reducing crime. During that time, crime of all types decreased at a faster rate in neighborhoods along Chicago’s 2.7-mile ‘The 606’ trail, than in other neighborhoods.

February 23, 2017
We Can’t Ignore Health Impacts of Climate Change
The Dirt

Former VP Al Gore and his Climate Reality Project, former President Jimmy Carter, the American Public Health Association, public health expert Dr. Howard Frumkin, and others presided over a one-day summit at the Carter Center in Atlanta last week. Here’s what they discussed.

NYC Unveils Green-Roofed Film, Fashion Hub

Two warehouses in Brooklyn‘s Sunset Park will soon be transformed into state-of-the-art, affordable production spaces for film, television production and garment manufacturing.

Toward a Unified Theory of Landscape Architecture
The Dirt

Our ecological practices tend to lag behind our ecological understanding. We know the unmitigated release of greenhouse gasses destabilizes the climate, yet we’re slow to act on this knowledge. This is frustrating, but often it benefits a cause to reflect on what is known.

Landscape Architects Denounce Call to Abolish EPA
Total Landscape Care

ASLA sent a letter to the bill’s author, U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Florida, urging him to withdraw the proposal. The newly elected Gaetz, an attorney from the Florida Panhandle, assumed his House seat last month.

Guarded Optimism About Microgrids in Chicago
Midwest Energy News

Local leaders and many residents say they like the idea of nurturing clean energy technology in Bronzeville, and hope the microgrid can be a springboard for related community-driven projects.

Why Cities Sink
The Economist

The good news is some causes of land subsidence can be stopped.

February 22, 2017
Enhancing the Resilience of Transport Infrastructure
World Bank

Since 2002, more than 260,000 kilometers of road were constructed or rehabilitated by World Bank supported projects. For these investments, we believe it is critical that they are resilient to climate and possible climate change.

Smart Cities Should Focus on Climate Change
Financial Express

A former Earth Sciences Ministry secretary today said while the Smart City project focuses on “infrastructure and development plans”, it gives lesser attention to impacts of climate change and natural calamities.

Automakers Ask for Emissions Standards Cutback
The Hill

The auto manufacturers’ lobby is pushing the new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head to withdraw an Obama administration decision locking in strict vehicle emissions standards.

Parks Catalyze Economic Growth
D Magazine

The planned Dallas Midtown Park hopes spur additional urban development and economic growth within Dallas.

Africa’s Resilient Cities Plan for the Future

In Dakar, the battle against nature has already begun, with coastal erosion wreaking havoc on the city’s peninsula that stretches into the Atlantic — forcing people to move out of their homes and ruining its long, sandy beaches. But now, the city is fighting back.

What Next for Renewables in Cities?
The Guardian

A complex range of factors is shaping how and why cities adopt renewable energy, from costs to the need for stable power supplies.

Forests Are Moving Away From Americans
Washington Post

Over several decades in the past century, city populations swelled as Americans moved away from rural forests. Now the forests are moving farther away from Americans.


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